Transitioning Thoroughbreds From Racing to New Careers

Learn about keeping OTTBs healthy as they move into new disciplines. We'll cover feeding, vet care, handling, and more!

What Drug Therapies are Available for Navicular?

Drs. Torri Maxwell and Duncan Peters offer insight into the role pharmaceuticals can play in managing navicular pain.

What is the DDFT's Role in Navicular Syndrome?

Dr. Torri Maxwell explains how the soft-tissue structures play a role in navicular-related lameness.

Early Warning Signs of Navicular Syndrome in Horses

Dr. Duncan Peters talks about lameness and behaviors that could indicate a horse is experiencing navicular issues.

Is There a Cure for Navicular Syndrome?

A listener has a navicular mule and asks about possible cures, and Dr. Duncan Peters offers management options.

Navicular Disease: Early Intervention and Long-Term Care

Learn about diagnosis and management of navicular horses and get your questions answered.

Reducing Winter Colic Risk in Your Horse

Dr. Clair Thunes offers advice for preventing colic when the weather turns cold.

The Signs of Good Nutrition in Horses

Besides body condition scoring, how can you tell if your horse is getting enough nutrition? Dr. Clair Thunes explains.

Should I Fatten My Horse Up Before Winter?

Learn the correct body condition score for a horse going into the cold months from Dr. Clair Thunes.

How Does Forage Keep Horses Warm?

Dr. Clair Thunes explains how eating hay and the digestion process helps keep horses warm.

Feeding Your Horse During the Winter

How can you make sure your horse is getting the nutrition he needs during the cold months? Ask our equine nutritionist!

What if Boarders Don't Pay Their Bills?

Attorney Rachel Kosmal McCart share insight for barn owners trying to collect money from delinquent boarders.

Behavior Disclosures When Selling a Horse

When do you need to tell a buyer about a horse's past negative behaviors? Find out from attorney Rachel Kosmal McCart.

Horse Ownership and Attractive Nuisance Risk

What if someone enters your horse pasture without permission and gets hurt? Attorney Rachel Kosmal McCart responds.

What's My Liability if Friends Ride in My Arena?

Attorney Rachel Kosmal McCart addresses the risks related to allowing people to ride in your noncommercial arena.

Your Equine Legal Questions Answered

Learn about sales agreements, leasing horses, liability, and more during our live event.

How to Collect Your Lost Horse After a Natural Disaster

Learn what you'll need to ID and get your horse back after a disaster. Drs. Eric Davis and Becky McConnico explain.

Identification for Horses During Disasters

Drs. Eric Davis and Becky McConnico suggest ways to mark your horse during a disaster in case you get separated.

Horses and Lightning Storms

Are horses safest inside or outside during a thunder and lightning storm? Dr. Eric Davis shares his insight.

How to Help Horses in Areas Hit by Natural Disasters

Drs. Eric Davis and Becky McConnico offer advice for sending donations to areas after a natural disaster.

Surviving Natural Disasters With Your Horse

Learn how to prepare for the worst-case natural disaster scenarios during our live event.

What Genetic Disorders are Breed Specific?

Dr. Ernest Bailey shares information about genetic diseases that related to specific breeds.

Why Do Equine Genetic Disorders and Coat Color Seem Related?

Lavender foal, lethal white, blindness, and deafness are all color-related genetic problems. Dr. Brooks explains.

What's the Difference Between a Dominant and Recessive Gene?

Dr. Samantha Brooks explains how dominant and recessive genes differ and how they are expressed in individual horses.