Sarah Evers Conrad

Sarah Evers Conrad has a bachelor’s of arts in journalism and equine science from Western Kentucky University. As a lifelong horse lover and equestrian, Conrad started her career at The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care magazine. She has also worked for the United States Equestrian Federation as the managing editor of Equestrian magazine and director of e-communications and served as content manager/travel writer for a Caribbean travel agency. When she isn’t freelancing, Conrad spends her free time enjoying her family, reading, practicing photography, traveling, crocheting, and being around animals in her Lexington, Kentucky, home.

Articles by Sarah Evers Conrad

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How Uneven Feet Affect a Horse in Motion

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The Relationship Between Hoof Deformation and Underrun Heels

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Managing Equine Caudal Hoof Problems

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Trimming's Effects on Horse Hoof Morphology

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Farriers: Consider More Than Feet When Trimming and Shoeing

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Farriers Discuss What Shoe Wear Reveals

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Dealing with Hoof Capsule Distortion and Dysfunction

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How the Horse in Motion Relates to Trimming and Shoeing

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Managing Severe White Line Disease

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Super Senior Sport Horses

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Breathing Easy: Managing Horses with Asthma

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Neurologic or Lame?

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Keeping Your Horse Healthy on the Trail

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Managing a Horse's Underrun Heels

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When the Heart of a Champion Gives Out

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Horse Feeding Basics

Confused about your horse's diet? We're here to help. Here's how to craft the proper hay and grain ration. Read More