Charlene Strickland

Award-winning writer Charlene Strickland lives in Bosque Farms, N.M. She has published 8 books and over 600 magazine articles, and is a member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists.

Articles by Charlene Strickland

Safe Travel in Winter

With proper planning for winter trailering, you can keep your horses (and yourself) safe and healthy. Read More

Planning to Save Horses

By planning for the worst, you lessen the chances of losing your horse in a disaster. Here's what to remember. Read More

Grooming For Health

Your daily grooming regime requires commitment. Its rewards are your horse's continued well-being and comfort. Read More

Nail-Free Footwear

Tough. Resilient. Protective. Whether on a human foot or a horse's hoof, a shoe supports weight and helps one overcome environmental hazards. With today’s technology, equine footwear can "stick" to a hoof without the traditional nails. Tough Read More

FEI General Assembly Meets In San Francisco

At the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) 2001 General Assembly meeting on April 24-27, officials and delegates supported the FEI's focus on equine welfare. The FEI assumes responsibility for the position of horse sports in the world. At Read More

Thermography: Hot Images and a Hot Topic

Thermography is a means of examining the horse through a pictorial representation of skin temperature. The technique detects thermal emissions of normal, hotter, and cooler areas, and a thermogram displays slight temperature variations as visual imag Read More

Horse Trailer Safety and Value

At home, on the road, and at your destination, a horse trailer must safeguard the horse. And as long as you own it--which could total the lifetimes of several horses and towing vehicles--a safe trailer proves the worth of your investment.

A Read More

Males as Athletes

In a crowd of geldings, his presence is conspicuous. The stallion that competes in sport adds extra energy to every step. His distinctive bearing attracts the eye, and he truly displays the look of eagles. Horsemen debate the pros and cons Read More


In the continuing effort to increase the fertility of horses there comes a new weapon--superovulation. Inducing a mare to ovulate multiple oocytes can translate into producing more foals from selected females. Assisted reproductive technology ca Read More

The Young Stallion

Envision this: In his first season, the young stallion fulfills his purpose as a breeding animal. He matures from a rambunctious colt into a skillful stud. So how do you make this dream a reality? As the handler, you want the horse to behave Read More

Focus on Discipline: Hunters/Jumpers

Ears forward and eyes fixed, the horse concludes his gallop in front of the fence. He gathers himself and leaps gracefully into the air, clearing the obstacle with ease and landing on the other side of the obstacle to gallop on to the next Read More

Barn Construction

Kick, chomp, scrape, cough--horses challenge the strength and livability of the shelter you provide. A barn can conveniently enclose one or more horses, but you can't forget that they wouldn't choose to live indoors.

To house horses safely, Read More

Focus on Discipline: Dressage

An elegant athlete, the dressage horse moves in perfect harmony with his rider. Following the artistic traditions of European horsemanship, the performer displays supple joints and natural balance, or expresses power and grace in the demanding Read More

Focus on Discipline: Endurance

Uphill, downhill, through brush, over rocks and deep sand, across streams--this equine athlete carries his rider to a destination. The trail horse travels along a sometimes none-too-defined path, replicating the centuries-old use of the horse as Read More

From The Ground Up: Stall Flooring and Mats

Whether you're building new stalls or retrofitting existing ones, there's a variety of floor surfaces to choose from. Read More

Countdown to Sydney

A world away from Atlanta, Australia lures riders and horses. In the four years between Olympic Games, riders have trained and competed their horses up through the levels. To enter the stadium in Sydney, they must prove they’re world Read More

On Equal Footing

Trainers and riders have become sophisticated about ground, and about how good footing protects horses' feet and legs. Many owners spend large sums to install the best footing at home. Indoors or outdoors, they control the type of ground their horses Read More

Focus on Discipline: Cutting Horses

The cutting horse's dance of mastery over a cow is a beautiful thing to watch, but hard on the horse's body. Read More


Shoeing is necessary to protect the hooves of many hard-working horses, and nails are of course an important part of the process. Ideally, horseshoe nails enter the outer hoof wall, which lies adjacent to the "quick," or the sensitive laminae Read More

Embryo Transfer for Horses

One plus one plus one equals one. The stallion, dam, and surrogate dam probably never met, but all three contributed to produce a foal. Today's assisted breeding technologies can overcome the constraints of distance, competitive involvement, Read More

Leather Care For A Stable Connection

Leather accumulates dirt, sweat, and just plain grunge whenever it contacts the horse's coat and skin. To maintain the leather's reliability, you continue the care that began at the tannery. You'll apply leather care preparations to remove harmful Read More

Nothing But Net: Equine Health Information Online

With the explosion of web sites (more than 10 million, and increasing), veterinary information has proliferated. Hundreds of businesses, organizations, institutions, and individuals upload information related to equine health Read More

Return to Nature With Pasture Breeding

In a world of artificial insemination and embryo transfer, simplicity can prevail. Registered stallions and mares can breed with minimal human intervention, through natural cover in the pasture. Pasture breeding continues as an Read More

Preserve Productive Pasture

Your horse's favorite activity could be time spent with "Dr. Green"--the horseman's name for turnout on pasture. Left on his own in a field, your horse nibbles for long periods of time. Grass forage is an important part of most horses' diets; Read More

Administering Foal Enemas

With a newborn foal, you observe a checklist of progressive behaviors: Regular breaths, ears up, standing, and nursing. Once the foal has survived these adjustments to life after birth, you're tempted to sigh with relief (and go back to bed!). Read More