Thomas M. Chambers, PhD

Thomas M. Chambers, PhD, is Head of the Office International des Epizooties International Reference Laboratory for Equine Influenza at the University of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center.

Articles by Thomas Chambers

Influenza In Perspective

The equine influenza (EI) epidemic in Australia is over: There have been no new cases since Dec. 25, 2007, and the country was declared provisionally free of EI on March 14, 2008. Large-scale surveys, both targeted and random, are under way to Read More

Control of Equine Influenza Requires Diligence

The outbreaks of equine influenza (EI) that occurred in 2007 in Japan and Australia are a jolting reminder that influenza viruses use simple--but very effective--strategies for their own survival, and that our lack of attention allows this virus to Read More

Update Influenza Vaccines

Veterinarians and horse owners, as caretakers of the health and wellbeing of our animals, tend to be vigilant about ensuring the safety and efficacy of vaccines. But do we ever step back to examine if these vaccines, which include multiple antigens Read More

Recovering from the Flu

There was recently a flu-like breakout at the barn where I board. How long do the horses need to stay isolated? Read More