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Horse management practices have drawn from many sources, but the link between an increasingly popular system for improving digestion in the horse and turn of the century Bulgarian peasants is perhaps one of the most exotic. Shortly before World Read More

Stallion Insurance

There is virtually no investment in the horse business, short of buying a farm, that equals the investment in a stallion. Whether an individual is buying a horse or several members get together to form a syndicate, the price can run well into th Read More

Mare Fertility Insurance

Each year horse breeders, regardless of the breed they nurture, make their biggest financial decisions when they decide on matings. Those decisions involve the allure of the equine business and its Read More

Nutrition Primer

Many common terms come from the long experience of man with horse, and some perhaps should be applied to the modern experience of raising horses. One of them, where feeds are concerned, might be "penny wise and pound foolish." Read More

Impaction Colic

Colic is an equine problem familiar to all people who work with horses. Many colics are simply gas colics and can resolve themselves quickly with little or no intervention. In some cases, the home remedy of walking the horse or loading the horse Read More

Breaks At Birth

In humans you tape them. In dogs you can fix them with a cage that fits outside the chest. But in foals, cracked or fractured ribs can be hard to find, present no easy solutions, and can be life-threatening.

Each winter and spring as foals Read More


Each year a small percentage of foals are born to mares whose immune systems, in an odd twist of nature, are prepared to battle their own foals. Antibodies from the mare, delivered to the foal in the colostrum it drinks soon after birth, attack Read More