AQHA Statement on HC/HERDA

The American Quarter Horse Association's (AQHA) statement regarding hyperelastosis cutis (HC) or hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia (HERDA): 

1. AQHA is aware of the condition known as hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia, otherwise known as hyperelastosis cutis. It is on the stud book and registration commmittee agenda for discussion at this week's convention.

2. AQHA has been funding research into this condition with work currently going on at the University of California at Davis that is attempting to develop a genetic test to identify carriers. AQHA's research committee will also be reviewing requests for additional grants to study HERDA during its meeting.

3. AQHA had no indication of the exact bloodlines affected by this condition until the researchers from Mississippi State University and Cornell University released the information in an article appearing in The Horse magazine.

4. AQHA will be publishing information, with the first article scheduled to appear in the April issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal. Additional information should appear on in the next few days.

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