Horses on the 4th of July

How do you manage your horses during fireworks?

I bring my horses into a barn before fireworks start.
I leave my horses out in their pastures during fireworks.
I monitor my pastured horses when fireworks begin, and bring them inside if necessary.
My horses aren't exposed to fireworks.

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Comments & Write-in Answers

i dont have a horse but this is what i would do

7/7/2014 11:00:50 PM

I hate fireworks and what they do to horses

7/7/2014 8:49:45 PM

I let my horses out to pasture during fireworks for spook training - they have done great for years

7/7/2014 5:20:12 PM

I bring them into their small paddocks, where they stand next to each other

7/7/2014 1:34:58 PM

my horses don't care, They are either very smart or very dumb

7/7/2014 1:09:00 PM

Fireworks are intense in Las Vegas. I stay home to keep watch. I had dry brush catch fire one year.

7/7/2014 1:08:20 PM

They're MUCH safer to be able to move as the 'boomers" happen !

7/7/2014 12:28:13 PM

There were fireworks going. Off at a show but my friends. Deaf horse was in the ring so it was fine

7/7/2014 9:54:21 AM

If I wait too long, my alpha mare gets really worked up and starts herding the other mares around.

7/7/2014 9:17:55 AM

My horse has never shown any objection to fireworks, so I just let him be.

7/7/2014 8:15:09 AM

Generally not too close but I ensure they can stand together as a herd

7/7/2014 5:24:35 AM

I dont think fireworks should be allwoed in rural areas full stop, its very inconciderate!

7/7/2014 4:41:46 AM

Pastured, last year, two previous, stabled, distressed at fireworks close by,I stayed with them .

7/7/2014 2:42:40 AM

My horse has a choice of turnout or stall.

7/6/2014 10:15:54 PM

Use earplugs on the most fearful one. Check on them often.

7/6/2014 8:29:21 PM

My horses don't seem to mind the fireworks. Just another day for them.

7/6/2014 7:29:33 PM

2 are okay with them,one is terrified.

7/6/2014 5:29:53 PM

They are left in there pen and pasture. no problems developed

7/6/2014 3:08:34 PM

Our horses don't seem to pay attention to fireworks

7/6/2014 2:51:59 AM

I also stay in the barn with them as the fireworks are near our farm.

7/5/2014 10:27:41 PM

shes a mustang, and she is very stable

7/5/2014 9:55:49 PM

one time i feed baby carrots while the stood quietly but the fireworks wer not that close

7/5/2014 5:10:31 PM

I also turn the radio up to a high volume & keep a light on

7/5/2014 4:45:07 PM

We have a new horse this year who had no experience with fireworks. She did okay but we watched her.

7/5/2014 2:40:53 PM

My horses are totally unconcerned about the fireworks.

7/5/2014 12:38:17 PM

Bing them in when I know fireworks are close by.

7/5/2014 7:34:17 AM

he has access to a barn, and comfort from his goats

7/5/2014 7:30:42 AM

I stayed with my horse during the fireworks and he was fine. We watched them from the field together

7/5/2014 6:20:07 AM

I turn on the barn lights and the radio before it all starts. Our area has lots of fireworks.

7/4/2014 5:44:54 PM

More just booms. He would prob like seeing them.

7/4/2014 4:52:10 PM

I used to go out with them. Now they have gotten used to the fireworks.

7/4/2014 3:26:13 PM

and turn on the radio on loud

7/4/2014 2:34:15 PM

my horses are ok w/fire works and gun fire

7/4/2014 1:53:07 PM

If they are closed in they might harm themselves in the barn so I leave the barn open. Their call.

7/4/2014 11:35:14 AM

my horse is a rock solid animal nothing can scare him

7/4/2014 8:11:57 AM

I have fireworks and hot air balloons going up next to the pastures, doesnt bother them at all

7/4/2014 3:11:47 AM

I leave the lights on in the barn they hang out there and the flashes are not that bad.

7/4/2014 1:56:40 AM

I bring in excitable or pregnant mares

7/3/2014 6:50:26 PM

I hate fireworks!

7/3/2014 5:55:47 PM

Small pen

7/3/2014 5:08:47 PM

my neighbor shoots them off right next to my pasture and they are completely oblivious.

7/3/2014 2:22:40 PM

No fireworks surrounding our farm.

7/3/2014 11:38:11 AM

Mine are monitored while in a small sacrifice paddock

7/3/2014 9:43:34 AM

And turn on music so the fireworks noise becomes more of a background noise

7/3/2014 9:33:42 AM

It's not much different than hunting season here.

7/3/2014 7:45:05 AM

I have a large fan running which creates some white noise to soften the sound of the fireworks

7/2/2014 11:34:13 PM

We live close to fireworks stands. Horses get used to it happening 2x yearly (7/4 & 1/1).

7/2/2014 9:13:20 PM

We bring them inside and turn the radio up to drown out the fireworks.

7/2/2014 7:35:39 PM

When there was no "inside", I hae satout with them for 2 hours during the display.

7/2/2014 4:34:28 PM

I help my girl friend with her horses. We Ace one & completely seal up his stall.

7/2/2014 4:16:29 PM

they can escape the fireworks if in their pastures

7/2/2014 1:19:46 PM

Mine are not bothered by them & stay out on pasture; I monitored until I knew for sure.

7/2/2014 12:58:18 PM

I don't disrupt their normal schedules. All have heard them before. No problems anticipated.

7/2/2014 12:15:35 PM

Thankfully, our area has discontinued fireworks due budget cuts. St. Paul rodeo only has!

7/2/2014 11:37:12 AM

Private fireworks are illegal in LA County. Still my mare is pretty chill about those things.

7/2/2014 11:01:59 AM

Fireworks don't bother my aged horse's now. I stalled them when they were young to avoid injury.

7/2/2014 10:54:27 AM

My horses never have had a problem with fireworks, but I keep an eye on them to always play it safe!

7/2/2014 10:43:30 AM

My horses really aren't all that concerned by fireworks.

7/2/2014 10:11:56 AM

I bring them into the small paddock and remain on "barn watch" until they end. Not fun.

7/2/2014 9:25:49 AM

if my neighbors that use fireworks let me know. I try to be out in the pasture with my horses they d

7/2/2014 8:33:11 AM

The back-firing of passing vehicles have inured by horses against sudden load noises.

7/2/2014 12:12:03 AM

Fireworks are over 30 miles away on the other side of the mountain.

7/1/2014 11:59:43 PM

I live in a rural area of a rural island so the fireworks are far far away

7/1/2014 11:39:21 PM

Leave them out and stay near them. Last year one had stress colic.

7/1/2014 10:02:13 PM

I bring them in and I stay with them

7/1/2014 9:59:18 PM

We have many neighbors who set off huge firework displays. My horse is used to it.

7/1/2014 8:04:55 PM

He's ok with fireworks, but oh, those ferocious flowers by the jumps!

7/1/2014 7:10:05 PM

No reason to have them running around in a panic so they can injure themselves

7/1/2014 7:08:36 PM

Fireworks don't bother them. Neither do gun shots when husband shoots at his target.

7/1/2014 6:56:29 PM

I stay with my horse outside her paddock and open stall throughout the worst of the fireworks.

7/1/2014 6:38:27 PM

My horses are ranch horses and there aren't much fireworks way out here in Texas.

7/1/2014 5:46:51 PM

Out in the pasture where they want and are OK with loud noises but I still keep an eye on them

7/1/2014 4:59:00 PM

My horses like to watch the fireworks

7/1/2014 4:38:27 PM

I give extra hay for anxiety and stay near my horses until it's over.

7/1/2014 2:58:40 PM

Horses seem to handle loud bangs pretty good- neighbours regularly set of mortars, shoot guns, ect.

7/1/2014 2:05:57 PM

My mare becomes deeply distressed by fireworks; wish people only did them on July 4.

7/1/2014 1:31:01 PM

We live in a high-fire danger area-fireworks are prohibited.

7/1/2014 1:26:06 PM

That way if the get scared they can run around,

7/1/2014 1:23:45 PM

I've had neighbors set mortars off in field next to theirs with no issues. They just run a bit.

7/1/2014 10:32:58 AM