Spring Cleaning: Blankets

How do you get your horse's winter blankets clean once spring arrives?

I wash them in a washing machine (at the barn, at home, or at a Laundromat).
I wash them using a hose or pressure washer.
I send them to a professional equine laundry service.
I clean them as best I can using a brush.
I don't wash my horse's winter blankets.
My horse doesn't wear winter blankets.

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Comments & Write-in Answers

in an old wringer washer - works great!

4/28/2014 9:59:29 PM

service is reasonable and not worth messing up my washing machine.

4/28/2014 8:11:11 PM

I first use a sticky tape lint roller to get the hair out, wash and rewaterproof before storing.

4/28/2014 6:38:57 PM

A chore I do not look forward to!

4/28/2014 4:52:27 PM

If they are not too thick I wash at home

4/26/2014 10:28:51 AM

Having a washer in the barn means blankets can be washed when needed.

4/26/2014 7:11:29 AM

I found it's much easier to send them out and it's less damaging to my washer.

4/26/2014 5:06:28 AM

I air dry, use cedar chips and store in plastic bags. Nice ones get hung in climate control room.

4/26/2014 1:10:50 AM

Our farm horses all have warm,furrry naturally provided blankets.

4/26/2014 1:05:20 AM

I always rinse at least twice

4/25/2014 10:33:38 PM

I live in AZ

4/25/2014 8:25:34 PM

Take them to the car wash over the side of my truck. Bring home, scrub spots and reproof them!

4/25/2014 7:49:09 PM

Our horses seldom wear blankets and grow a good coat of warm hair.

4/25/2014 4:24:35 PM

without soap

4/25/2014 10:12:43 AM

What i do is get a brush then a wet cloth.

4/25/2014 9:07:06 AM

I dont wash the winter rugs because they have cottons on to keep the winter rug clean.

4/25/2014 12:43:46 AM

pressure washer AND a brush AND lots of hand work!

4/24/2014 9:58:55 PM

The large washing machines at the laudry mat are best, but

4/24/2014 8:55:39 PM

No blankets before -30/ super healty horses. Ottawa, Canada

4/24/2014 8:21:01 PM

I use a hose and brush with woolite

4/24/2014 7:14:40 PM

washing protects the life of these expensive blankets

4/24/2014 7:13:46 PM

quit using them-seemed to cause problems and rubs

4/24/2014 6:58:59 PM

Using designated cleaner for waterproofing

4/24/2014 5:58:48 PM

Ponies in non-extreme weather definitley dont need a blanket seeing how much they get worked (Hardly

4/24/2014 5:20:00 PM

I hand wash them in a 40 gal stock tank, drain in a laundry basket, & hang dry

4/24/2014 4:56:14 PM

you should allow multiple options. I field wash first, machine wash second.

4/24/2014 4:49:47 PM

I do 1,2, 3.

4/24/2014 4:48:28 PM

There is a local who does very well at cleaning, repairing and bagging winter blankets

4/24/2014 4:39:26 PM

After using a hose on the with mild soap

4/24/2014 1:14:57 PM

was a very cold long winter, my horses did fine without blankets

4/24/2014 12:54:55 PM

depends on type,i.e. waterproof,wieght, etc.

4/24/2014 11:47:28 AM


4/24/2014 11:04:43 AM

I first hose them off, then machine wash

4/24/2014 7:17:23 AM

hose them off and dry on the fence and then laundromat

4/24/2014 6:58:52 AM

depends on how grungy it is!

4/24/2014 3:20:50 AM

I have been using a horse laundry and repair for the last 40 years

4/24/2014 2:33:45 AM

horses are better off without blankets!

4/23/2014 9:11:45 PM

Depepnds how dirty the blanket is and if it needs any repairs.

4/23/2014 9:02:29 PM

After grooming hairy horses, don a painter's mask. Air compressor, pressure washing & washer.

4/23/2014 8:44:08 PM

I wash my horse's "blanket" every time he gets a bath - Nature knows best.

4/23/2014 5:49:31 PM

I rinse them in a wash tub 6Xs; 1st tub is non-allergenic detergent, nest 5 is clear water.

4/23/2014 5:28:00 PM

I wash my horse

4/23/2014 5:08:03 PM

The heavy ones go2 a professional. I wash the lt wt ones w permission from the laundymat

4/23/2014 4:42:27 PM


4/23/2014 3:56:06 PM

start with hose and brush, then laundromat.

4/23/2014 12:45:23 PM

At a carwash!

4/23/2014 11:49:15 AM

Use vinagar and baking soda - no softeners.. Then spend 3 days "de-hairing" the washer!!!

4/23/2014 11:44:47 AM

use Nicwash and water proofer

4/23/2014 11:14:10 AM

Laundromat with Charlie's Soap or other no-residue cleanser & remove the hair tribbles from sheets

4/23/2014 10:42:36 AM

I use sheets with a padded liner - stays way clean

4/23/2014 10:28:47 AM

wash my blankets every couple weeks

4/23/2014 9:06:35 AM

worn rarely, but always get muddy...rinse twice!

4/23/2014 8:40:19 AM

The professional service does any needed repairs, & I then store in rodent proof boxes until fall.

4/22/2014 10:33:54 PM

I brush them thouroughly before sending them to be pro cleaned, they get very dirty in fall & winter

4/22/2014 9:13:52 PM

It's very hard to get them clean in w m, if you use detergent for waterproof fabrics

4/22/2014 7:57:24 PM

I wash mine two or three times, dry them in the sun and store them in plastic.

4/22/2014 7:50:55 PM

Then I spray them with water proofing - takes about 2 can's per blanket

4/22/2014 6:47:49 PM

Horses had brand new blankets this year. Need to know best way to clean.

4/22/2014 6:08:57 PM

I brush blankets to get of any loose dirt and hair. Then use Nikwax rug wash and waterproofing.

4/22/2014 5:38:47 PM

Before laundering, I brush/hose off worst of gunk.

4/22/2014 4:43:31 PM

If it gets really dirty, I use a laundromat.

4/22/2014 4:36:54 PM

Coolers I do myself, but I send out the winter blankets and rain sheets.

4/22/2014 4:10:04 PM

I wash my blankets several times during the winter.

4/22/2014 3:30:20 PM

First I hose them, THEN I fence drip them then I haul to the big machine laundromat. Fence dry.

4/22/2014 1:07:18 PM

Horses have survived for around 6,000 years since creation without blankets; they can do without.

4/22/2014 10:47:28 AM

the mid and heavy weight blankets I send out. My sheets I wash myself by hand and re-water proof

4/22/2014 10:18:24 AM

Then a final wash in a washing machine.

4/22/2014 9:52:44 AM

I use the pressure washer first then machine wash triple rinse

4/22/2014 9:21:35 AM

All three horses wear their natural "blanket"-the 33-year old Arab/ Welsh is always a wooly beast

4/22/2014 8:49:41 AM

Our Laundromat has machines for horse blankets. They're not quick, but they're cost-effective.

4/22/2014 8:26:55 AM

Live in central AZ, blankets not necessary; I used prof. eq. serv. when I did blanket

4/22/2014 1:09:03 AM