Disposal Options

What plans do you have in place for disposing of deceased horses?

Will use a disposal service
Can bury on my property
Other (please explain below)

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Comments & Write-in Answers

I read an article awhile back about composting. I might try it if the need arises.

2/4/2013 9:56:04 PM

6 ft under where God intended.

2/4/2013 9:40:46 PM

Have used disposal service when secon horse died; first horse was buried on the property.

2/4/2013 5:54:43 PM

unless I could bury him some othe place but right now at my place.

2/4/2013 5:43:20 PM

Both burial and cremation dependent on time of year are available on property, as well as donation t

2/4/2013 5:39:10 PM

Can have horse cremated and ashes returned to me.

2/4/2013 4:52:55 PM

In northern Minnesota, mushers (people who have teams of sled dogs) want the bodies for dog food.

2/4/2013 4:34:31 PM

coyote food, rural land

2/4/2013 1:42:20 PM

It used to be that an old horse was humanely put down at a kennel providing food the hounds.

2/4/2013 11:49:44 AM

Donate to local animal preserve for feeding big cats since we can no longer donate to the zoo.

2/4/2013 11:03:16 AM

horse cemetery

2/3/2013 11:28:57 PM

when burying livestock on private property, get your vet's recommendation on burial requirements.

2/2/2013 8:42:08 PM

We have 11 acres and just buried our old guy last week.

2/2/2013 12:44:15 PM

have buried on my place-43 acres rural

2/2/2013 9:40:25 AM

If they die of an accident or colic, I just put them out where the coyotes and buzzards can eat them

2/2/2013 8:46:01 AM

trainer allows burial on her farm

2/1/2013 6:00:53 PM

I have a pet cemetery on my property for horses, dogs, cats & birds.

2/1/2013 2:46:04 PM

Have used cremation before and will do so again

2/1/2013 11:52:43 AM

depending if there are drugs in its system, we put them out for the valtures.

2/1/2013 3:29:00 AM

Can and WILL bury on my property.

2/1/2013 12:11:52 AM

buried on the ranch over looking the pastures.

1/31/2013 10:51:13 PM

Burying on my property would be first choice weather permitting

1/31/2013 10:43:08 PM

ahve used disposal and I hatedt it. looking into saving for creamation

1/31/2013 8:34:58 PM

Water table too high to bury

1/31/2013 7:24:43 PM

Also cremate

1/31/2013 6:40:45 PM

I haven't given it any thought!

1/31/2013 5:05:29 PM

Just had to do this last year.

1/31/2013 5:03:33 PM

I'm so glad I cremated my horse when she died. Her death was too soon and I was not ready to let go.

1/31/2013 11:33:19 AM

Have place to bury on friends property

1/31/2013 7:45:41 AM

would bury or cremate if I had my own horse property but I board

1/30/2013 11:54:58 PM

Alaska: If she dies medicine free it's the dog mushers, if not its a disposal service..

1/30/2013 11:36:25 PM

I have done both burying and disposal service. Depending on the circumstance.....

1/30/2013 10:09:48 PM


1/30/2013 7:14:40 PM

I can't bury where I board.

1/30/2013 6:23:16 PM

If I had a tractor and land, I would bury my beloved horse, but I don't.

1/30/2013 5:31:00 PM

Circle of life. Out in the woods for the coyotes.

1/30/2013 5:06:57 PM

I would also send soem individuals to humane processing.

1/30/2013 2:52:57 PM

We keep our horses on a 70 acre property, we have buried 4 there over the years.

1/30/2013 2:49:41 PM

have to haul to local dump

1/30/2013 2:45:45 PM

When we sell we laugh at how future owners will think they found an Indian Burial Ground

1/30/2013 2:20:03 PM

I have one I will be cremating, the rest will probably be buried on the property.

1/30/2013 1:56:21 PM

Also have the option for cremation at a reasonable rate.

1/30/2013 1:18:13 PM

we have a local game farm that will pick up the carcess as long as the animal was not euthanized

1/30/2013 11:24:09 AM

Can also bury on my property

1/30/2013 11:23:19 AM

I'm not sure what I would.

1/30/2013 11:19:21 AM

All of my treasured old-timers are buried next to their pasture.

1/30/2013 11:18:01 AM

Try to find an animal shelter, zoo, etc. to utilize meat to needy numbers being euthanized.

1/30/2013 10:38:05 AM

have one horse buried here, 3 living ages 34, 31, 27. Plan to compost if "anything happens"

1/30/2013 9:45:40 AM

We have a local service that will cremate and bury in their cemetary or return the ashes to you.

1/30/2013 7:54:10 AM

I have had horses buried on the property but that would most likely be unavailable where I am now.

1/30/2013 7:39:35 AM

We toss sunflower seeds over mound (weather permitting) for plants.

1/30/2013 7:31:57 AM

Expensive, however, I do not want to see my horse's body be removed by a disposal company...No Way!

1/30/2013 4:03:39 AM

We have composted a smaller horse and a pony with very good results.

1/30/2013 12:27:48 AM

Service picks up the body, then takes it for burial-local landfill set aside an area for lg animals

1/29/2013 11:27:57 PM

I don't know! Cremation is awfully expensive-may end up with disposal service.

1/29/2013 10:40:06 PM

My county has guidelines for burying on your own property, thankfully

1/29/2013 10:32:17 PM

I have spots picked for both horses @ favorite spots to rest.

1/29/2013 10:27:25 PM

friend let me bury elderly horse on her property, where the horse lived

1/29/2013 10:21:42 PM


1/29/2013 9:31:48 PM

our own cemetery

1/29/2013 8:56:38 PM

Located in a very rural area with no restrictions so have been able to bury 4 of my old friends

1/29/2013 8:32:24 PM

We live on clay, so burial is impossible in summer, or in a Michigan winter.

1/29/2013 8:27:04 PM

they are part of my family so they will be buried at home

1/29/2013 8:14:42 PM

praise the lord i can keep my friend in the pasture she loves!

1/29/2013 8:07:15 PM

Just pray no one passes in winter when ground is hard!

1/29/2013 7:56:41 PM

Our "girls" will always be here with us.

1/29/2013 7:40:43 PM

Buried at a pet cemetery in a neighboring town.

1/29/2013 7:38:03 PM

If I am not able to bury I would like to creamate if there is a facility in my area

1/29/2013 7:35:11 PM

Our local landfill will take deceased livestock for .25/lb. Cannot bury on rocky property.

1/29/2013 7:26:41 PM

I'm so thankful that I'm able to bury my animals on my property.

1/29/2013 6:56:16 PM

would bury if it was an option for me.

1/29/2013 6:36:29 PM

will bury on property.

1/29/2013 6:28:16 PM

ashes are buried on our property

1/29/2013 6:06:02 PM

can't bury on my own property but will at a friend's

1/29/2013 5:53:36 PM

Will use local land fill area specifically for animals

1/29/2013 5:49:07 PM

There is a pet cemetery we use.

1/29/2013 5:37:32 PM

Good neighbor with a backhoe came to help.

1/29/2013 5:23:08 PM

Have also used disposal service when burial serivce is unavailable in reasonable time

1/29/2013 5:21:14 PM

Normally we composte, but special horses are afforded burial on our property

1/29/2013 5:07:27 PM

Compassionate composting or cremation at vet school

1/29/2013 5:00:49 PM

Donate to vet, massage or osteopathy school for dissections and practicals

1/29/2013 4:53:21 PM

dog food

1/29/2013 4:26:27 PM

illegal to bury here service puts them in a town dump but only option

1/29/2013 2:43:27 PM

afterr my vet has euthanased

1/29/2013 1:34:50 PM

Have an equine crematorium not too far away, reasonably priced, caring.

1/29/2013 12:18:26 PM

It always depends if it's a personal horse or a boarder's animal

1/29/2013 11:14:50 AM

Whichever is cheaper, Cremation or burial

1/29/2013 9:11:08 AM

If I have property by then I'd like to bury; otherwise I'll likely cremate.

1/29/2013 7:50:13 AM

backhoe solution with vet in attendence

1/29/2013 12:37:27 AM