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AAEP Convention 2010

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention returned to Baltimore on Dec. 4-8, 2010, and it attracted more than 5,500 veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary students, and other attendees.

Convention Report

Rhodococcus equi Pneumonia

Rhodococcus equi causes pneumonia in foals that are generally between the ages of 3 weeks and 5 months.

Convention Report

Reproduction Advances

The many recent advances in horse reproduction were discussed during the 2010 AAEP Convention.

Convention Report

Piroplasmosis, Guttural Pouch Infection, Miscellaneous Topics

Topics at the 2010 AAEP Convention included piroplasmosis in horses and guttural pouch infection in foals.

Convention Report

Milne Lecture: Eye Surface Failure in Horses

Dr. Dennis Brooks spoke about catastrophic ocular surface failure in the horse at the 2008 AAEP Convention.

Convention Report

News and Awards

More than 5,500 veterinarians and other attendees attended the 2010 AAEP Convention in Baltimore, Md.

Convention Report

AAEP 2010 Convention Complete Coverage

A wrap-up of the 2010 AAEP Convention, including in-depth coverage of nearly 100 presentations and sessions.

Convention Report

Equine Welfare

One of the AAEP’s ongoing goals is to address the welfare issues that many horses and their owners face.

Convention Report

Lameness: Soft Tissue

A summary of discussions related to soft tissue lameness from the 2010 AAEP Convention.

Convention Report

Lameness: Joints

During the 2010 AAEP Convention, veterinarians discussed technologies and treatments for joints and lameness.

Convention Report

Gastrointestinal Tract

Topics regarding the horse's gastrointestinal (GI) tract from the 2010 AAEP Convention.

Convention Report


A recap of the FDA's ongoing attempts to ensure safety of drugs produced by compounding pharmacies.

Convention Report

Drugs and Anesthesia

Pain medication delivery, sedatives, anesthesia support, and anti-inflammatory drug safety discussed.

Convention Report

Racehorse Topics

Racehorse topics such as track surfaces and fatality rates, injuries, and limb deformity are discussed.

Convention Report

Keynote: Unwanted Horses

Equine welfare and the growing population of horses needing homes are daily challenges for veterinarians.

Convention Report

Kester News Hour: Top Equine Veterinary News of 2010

Find out what some equine veterinarians deemed the most important news in the horse health world in 2010.

Convention Report

Respiratory Issues in Horses

Horse respiratory issues discussed during the 2010 AAEP Convention included PCR testing for specific diseases.

Convention Report

Hoof Care

Farrier-vet teamwork, laminitis, horse hoof examination techniques, etc., were covered at the farriery program

Convention Report


Coverage of equine neurology topics at the 2010 American Association for Equine Practitioners Convention.

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