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Applications Open for 2017 Thoroughbred Makeover

The event will take place Oct. 5-8, 2017 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Read More

Former AHC President Receives AAEP George Stubbs Award

Jay Hickey was recognized for his contributions to the equine industry and support of equine health and welfare. Read More

AAEP Lavin Cup Awarded to Michael Blowen

Michael Blowen is an advocate of racehorse aftercare and founder of Old Friends Thoroughbred retirement center. Read More

Six New Vets Receive AAEP Foundation Scholarships

Six veterinary graduates of 2016 committed to careers in equine medicine received $4,000 scholarships. Read More

Blodgett Named AAEP Distinguished Life Member

Dr. Glenn Blodgett implemented advanced equine reproductive techniques at the 6666 Ranch with enviable results. Read More

Equine Ophthalmologist Named AAEP Distinguished Educator

Dr. Dennis Brooks is world-renowned for his contributions to equine ophthalmology. Read More

Virginia Sport Horse Vet Installed as 2017 AAEP President

Dr. R. Reynolds Cowles Jr. focuses much of his practice on lameness in racehorses and performance horses. Read More

Moyer Receives AAEP Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Bill Moyer's advancements in treating equine foot disorders make him an authority on lameness issues. Read More

Vet Students Receive Merck/AAEP Foundation Scholarships

Five vet students committed to careers in equine medicine each received $5,000 scholarships. Read More

Whitfield-Cargile Named Past-Presidents' Research Fellow

Dr. Canaan Whitfield-Cargile is examining the role of microbiota in equine gastrointestinal healing. Read More

Dembek Receives EQUUS Foundation Research Fellow

Dr. Katarzyna Dembek is studying how hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal hormones relate to disease in newborn foals. Read More

TCA to Honor Banke, Backstretch Employee Service Team

Barbara Banke and the Backstretch Employee Service Team will be recognized for their work in the Thoroughbred industry. Read More

Equine Foundation of Canada Donates to AVC

The AVC used the funds for equipment to diagnose and treat equine lameness, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal issues. Read More

Tail Hairs Reveal Gobi Desert Equids' Dietary Choices

Przewalski's and domestic horses feed exclusively on grass, while wild asses feed on grass along with shrubs in winter. Read More

Vets to Track Radiographic Abnormalities in Thoroughbreds

Researchers hope to track the progress and prevalence of radiographic abnormalities in yearling Thoroughbreds. Read More

LNJ Foxwoods to Sponsor 2017 TCA Stallion Season Auction

The Thoroughbred Charities of America Stallion Season Auction is the organization's largest annual fundraiser. Read More

Gulfstream Park Released From EHV-1 Quarantine

All horses in the high-risk barns tested negative and no additional cases were detected during the 14-day quarantine. Read More

TAA Accredits 27 Thoroughbred Aftercare Groups in 2016

The TAA now has 64 accredited organizations operating at more than 180 facilities across the United States and Canada. Read More

Iowa State Student to Receive $75,000 Veterinary Scholarship

Alaina Kringen will receive the $75,000 Coyote Rock Ranch Veterinary Scholarship from the AAEP Foundation. Read More

UC Davis' Equine PET Scanner Providing Results

Veterinarians have begun research, using the scanner in a clinical trial on client-owned horses. Read More

Where Rules Matter Most: Managing Your Horse's Medications

Work with your vet to find the best options for your horse that are within your breed or show association's drug rules. Read More

Rood & Riddle's New Florida Surgical Facility Taking Shape

The Wellington facility will open to clients on Nov. 18. The new surgical facility should be completed in early 2017. Read More

BLM, University of Wyoming to Study Wild Horse Movement

Radio collars will help researchers learn more about horses' seasonal land use, migration patterns, and herd movements. Read More

Help Your Senior Horse Weather the Winter

Ensure your golden oldie gets the care and support he needs, even if he's weathered previous winters without trouble. Read More

Need a New Bedding Choice? Consider Peat Moss

Though not often used in the United States, peat moss is a popular choice in other countries and for good reason. Read More