Equine Evacuation Plans

Do you have an evacuation plan in place for your horses in case of natural disaster? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.


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9/4/2017 9:31:05 PM

If there is a natural disaster and you love your horses, their safety is a priority too.

9/4/2017 7:46:17 PM

hurricanes! had to leave last year. this year we will be prepared.

9/4/2017 7:43:10 PM

We live in Ohio and just don't have the kind of disasters found in other parts of the country

9/4/2017 7:10:17 PM

will take him to my home in the city

9/4/2017 6:17:30 PM

I live in SWFl. My only plan is to move my horse and mini to a larger pasture with less trees and bu

9/3/2017 3:24:45 PM

We are surrounded by forest so we worry about wildfire. We also have plan for power loss.

9/3/2017 2:28:26 PM

Though our evacuation plan is situation-dependent, as wildfire is unpredictable, we have a plan!

9/2/2017 6:34:47 PM

Yes but depending on the emergency we may shelter in place. Primary concern is wildfires.

9/2/2017 2:44:41 AM

No previous history of natural disaster

9/1/2017 9:43:00 PM

I am allowing another person to leave their horses on my land. I can't afford to help them.

9/1/2017 8:28:42 PM

We don't right now, but we probably should!

9/1/2017 6:19:31 PM

AZ desert. Disasters = flood & brush fire. On high ground & maintain fire breaks; shelter in place

9/1/2017 11:46:35 AM

Because i Live in bouston,tx and we have hurricanes and tropical storms.

9/1/2017 10:28:19 AM

Only real threat would possibly be tornados & I don't know there's much you can do in those cases

9/1/2017 9:13:25 AM

Live in Houston, thought horse drowned in flood as no communication with barn management. Found him

9/1/2017 1:01:50 AM

wild fire is a concern in our area. Another concern is only one major road out.

8/31/2017 9:47:53 PM

have a plan on farm where I board horse

8/31/2017 8:48:21 PM

6 horse trailer for our 6 and friends in multple locations

8/31/2017 8:45:52 PM

We have frequent brush fires

8/31/2017 8:22:30 PM

Our problem is where to evacuate TO — our friends with pasture space are equally vunlerable.

8/31/2017 7:49:16 PM

Y, nothing longterm but 3-5 days would usually be the longest evac. (floods & tornados being common)

8/31/2017 7:19:11 PM

We have a truck and horse trailer and know where the evac shelters are for large animals .

8/31/2017 7:05:52 PM

We don't get a lot of stuff you would have to evacuate for, but we do get tornadoes.

8/31/2017 6:20:04 PM

transportation and boarding issues. living on prayers

8/31/2017 6:12:41 PM

I live in a fire prone area and have had to evacuate several times during my lifetime.

8/31/2017 5:43:47 PM

Been through too many hurricanes and tropical storms not to have one!

8/31/2017 4:39:44 PM

We do not have a set plan in place, just a general idea. We don't have a lot of possible disasters.

8/31/2017 4:32:41 PM

There is basically no place to go safer than where I am except for forest fire, then I go to the fai

8/31/2017 4:31:10 PM

Why would you not have an evacuation plan? How does one leave horses & pets behind? Can't say more

8/31/2017 4:08:37 PM

Only 2 horses, load in trailer. Depending on disaster...drive elsewhere. Too high to flood.

8/31/2017 3:12:35 PM

Not in a disaster prone area, but have a trailer and will take them with us.

8/31/2017 2:12:46 PM

We live at altitude, so not at risk for flooding.

8/31/2017 12:43:23 PM

Have seen what happens when planning is not undertaken during Katrina

8/31/2017 10:17:54 AM

Unfortunately it took getting hit by a tornado to come up with one, but we have one now!

8/31/2017 9:46:44 AM

Not in a "Disaster" prone area; would be hard to find a better place for them in any event.

8/31/2017 8:50:11 AM

I have solar powered fence controllers due to hurricanes

8/31/2017 4:48:20 AM

did not consider until watching TX

8/31/2017 2:35:53 AM

I don't plan on evacuating ,I will stay where it is safe and controled

8/30/2017 11:59:07 PM

Many of the hurricanes and Nor'westers have covered hundreds of miles and it would be difficult to m

8/30/2017 11:52:29 PM

The why: my horses are my responsibility 24/7/

8/30/2017 10:53:57 PM

Flood safety zones

8/30/2017 9:21:13 PM

We live in a flood are and are prone to floods. Have an area where our horses can be taken.

8/30/2017 9:00:41 PM

My area floods so I act on the first warning to get the horses to high ground.

8/30/2017 8:36:14 PM

i want my horses to be safe

8/30/2017 8:25:27 PM

But no trailer currently. Working on that. In mean time praise our Lord for good friends!

8/30/2017 6:47:20 PM

We don't live in a flood prone area and are on a hilltop.

8/30/2017 5:21:25 PM

If we have to leave, they leave, too!!!

8/30/2017 4:17:19 PM

We don't flood here and tornadoes happen too fast.

8/30/2017 3:54:31 PM

Of course I do. Not to is not an option.

8/30/2017 1:33:35 PM

I can't get both horses in my stock trailer at once and no money to buy new trailer.

8/30/2017 12:40:24 PM

Thankfully, we live in an area where catastrophic natural disasters are extremely rare.

8/30/2017 12:29:26 PM

I live on the Florida coast and have evacuated in the past.

8/30/2017 11:56:42 AM

Yes, mainly because I have run that rodeo before. Forest fire has caused two evacuations.

8/30/2017 11:54:29 AM

While not having solid plans, I do what I would pack & how I would pack to be on the road in 30 min.

8/30/2017 11:00:27 AM

Well-built local equestrian center offers stalls to local horse owners in the event of hurricanes

8/30/2017 7:44:15 AM

Not much happens in the UK thankfully

8/30/2017 3:16:37 AM

its rare to have a serious weather warning other then cold and snow

8/30/2017 1:14:29 AM

Live in area prone to wildfire

8/29/2017 11:44:18 PM

24 horses, time, and place to put them all is almost impossible. Will have to depend on help at som

8/29/2017 11:02:17 PM

probability of need to evacuate seems low given property lay

8/29/2017 8:52:47 PM

Not sure! We bought a trailer for fire evacuations but really don't have a set plan.

8/29/2017 8:41:07 PM

Thanks to the BC (Canada) Wildfire situation here this summer, I realized how important one is!

8/29/2017 7:42:27 PM

Well,sort of..don't live in a flood area so local problems only hopefully

8/29/2017 7:41:06 PM

Don't own trailer; walk him out in best direction to safe area (dep on nature of disaster).

8/29/2017 6:58:08 PM

Brass name tag on her halter (like the dogs) ~ truck & trailer always stocked & ready just in case.

8/29/2017 6:51:01 PM

Have my horse trailer hooked up to the truck and ready to go

8/29/2017 6:42:25 PM

Not in an area that floods

8/29/2017 5:58:22 PM

I live i Florida we get hurricanes

8/29/2017 5:47:16 PM

Our stables has a fire evacuation plan in place as wild fires are our most likely disaster.

8/29/2017 5:38:44 PM

Live in farm country higher elevation upstate NY, not much threat of nat. disaster

8/29/2017 5:36:32 PM

Tornadoes our only worry (minor). Well is on solar back up w/generator backing up solar.

8/29/2017 5:23:09 PM

we're highest point for miles, horses all over 25 yr old

8/29/2017 5:12:56 PM

Trailer always ready. But if gone, horses trained to lead behind pickup.

8/29/2017 5:11:04 PM

Were in the 900 year flood plain. That and prayer.

8/29/2017 5:06:38 PM

Wildfire is our only worry. Will evacuate to predetermined sites if time permits.

8/29/2017 5:02:18 PM

We have more horses than room on our trailer; so it would be multiple trips

8/29/2017 4:58:16 PM

No floods, tornados, hurricanes, etc. in the desert. Just heat!

8/29/2017 4:54:39 PM

The natural disaster I'm most prone to is tornado. Don't get enough warning.

8/29/2017 4:53:58 PM

in Maine we have not had natural disasters yet. I do have a trailer in case of emergency

8/29/2017 4:46:09 PM

I honestly don't know where to go

8/29/2017 4:33:41 PM

LIve in an area where there is no chance of flooding, but I do have neighbors farms to use if needed

8/29/2017 4:23:51 PM


8/29/2017 4:16:13 PM

No - all I worry about is wildfires (not common here) but I have no trailer to transport. :(

8/29/2017 4:12:00 PM

took emergency rescue/evacuation course from uni.of guelph=gold knowledge

8/29/2017 1:39:29 PM

I live in Florida. Would be idiotic to not have an evacuation plan.

8/29/2017 12:29:07 PM

No flooding, etc.Maybe an occasional small tornado,but nothing life threatening.

8/29/2017 12:20:47 PM