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Do you feed your horse beet pulp?


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Does beet pulp need to be soaked in water?

12/8/2013 9:14:25 PM

yes along with sweet feed and very little alfalfa pellets

12/8/2013 6:32:47 PM

I also increase beet pulp during really cold nights.

12/8/2013 2:32:24 PM

Soaked and lots of it...good water to get water in a horse.

12/8/2013 2:11:28 PM

I have for years

12/8/2013 1:37:41 PM

my 3 swedish horses do not like it

12/8/2013 11:30:40 AM

I feed a cincentrate complete feed for señor horses and Timothy Alfalfavhay

12/8/2013 7:02:50 AM

Only in winter months to increase fiber and H2O consumption for Sr who can get bullied away from hay

12/7/2013 2:17:11 PM

Yes, it is an excellent way to keep them hydrated a bit more in the winter. We soak in hot water.

12/7/2013 12:18:00 PM

every day and I feed it wet

12/6/2013 6:52:08 PM

It is a very efficent way to introduce supplements and to get water into their system especially in

12/6/2013 1:40:29 PM

For now. Skinny mare I purchased this fall, possibly in foal, needs the extra calories, works great.

12/6/2013 10:09:41 AM

My half-draft/half-Quarterhorse is doing great on beet pulp and rice bran.

12/6/2013 9:29:57 AM

Yes! It's a great way to give them hot food in the winter and keep weight on my hard keepers.

12/6/2013 8:48:45 AM

Great way to add water to the GI tract, a source or extra calories, and prevention of sand colic

12/6/2013 7:32:16 AM

use 50gms rinsed and soaked to put minerals and Viit E in to , flavour with cup of oat bran or oatm

12/6/2013 6:33:48 AM

beet pulp is gmo & gives my 24 yr old mare gas... she refuses to eat it ...

12/6/2013 3:14:53 AM

not good for cushing horses to high surger

12/6/2013 12:55:24 AM

I used to but got jaundice. A lot of the animal feed grade beet pulp is chemically extracted.Beware

12/5/2013 10:38:40 PM

OTTB who can only keep a good weight with daily beet pulp

12/5/2013 9:23:21 PM

To help gain weight

12/5/2013 8:51:46 PM

I don't, but know a lot of folks who do.

12/5/2013 7:43:45 PM

Esp good for elderly horses.Also good for mixing in powdered supplements.Hay in a bucket.

12/5/2013 7:40:04 PM

I feed Thrive, which is MUCH better than beet pulp.

12/5/2013 5:32:54 PM

I am an equine nutritionist and I love beet pulp!

12/5/2013 5:13:08 PM

no nutrition in it at all.

12/5/2013 5:06:12 PM

It is included in my Safe dstarch from Triple Crown

12/5/2013 4:25:08 PM

have in past

12/5/2013 3:44:38 PM

I used to but it gave her too much gas

12/5/2013 3:28:41 PM

It is the main ingredient in the Triple Crown feed I buy.

12/5/2013 3:24:47 PM

that is made to feed your horse bett pulp

12/5/2013 3:17:10 PM

Beet pulp is excellent as a supplement mixed with a grain of some type. My Mustang thrives on it.

12/5/2013 2:24:08 PM

My horses love beet pulp and the fiber and water it holds is great for their system.

12/5/2013 12:52:11 PM

Have fed it to others horses in the past.

12/5/2013 11:47:56 AM

I up the amount on really cold nights, great way to give horse easily burned fiber!

12/5/2013 11:05:22 AM

i feed mine dry.

12/5/2013 9:56:43 AM

Dont use it

12/5/2013 9:15:15 AM

No need at this juncture, but would if he needed it.

12/5/2013 8:17:03 AM

I have Minis and the ones that have weight issues I use soaked beet pulp.

12/5/2013 8:15:44 AM

beet pulp, ration balancer (vitamins and minerals) plus lots of hay for any easykeeper TB

12/5/2013 8:06:39 AM

i personally think that mind dont need it because they have no problem keeping weight on.

12/5/2013 7:04:39 AM

we feed unlimited good quality hay in slow feeding hay bags. I have easy keepers

12/5/2013 6:46:10 AM

Its great from the hard keepers. Used it in the past.

12/5/2013 5:51:38 AM

Good for moisture content and to keep everything moving thru the food factory

12/5/2013 5:42:00 AM

He is 28 and retired

12/5/2013 5:35:51 AM

because of the vary in sugarcontent and GMO

12/5/2013 4:11:44 AM

Soaked for at least a couple of hours, but usually I try to soak it during the feeding before

12/5/2013 3:55:13 AM

I like it so much and my horse too!

12/5/2013 2:44:53 AM

Beet pulp adds safe calories for my pony with Cushings/insulin resistance/laminitis

12/5/2013 2:36:18 AM

helps keep weight on my 31 yr old at a better cost than most weight builder product. He also loves i

12/5/2013 2:25:17 AM

Used to feed beet pulp mash with additives till I found Kent Feeds Dynasty Pride-has beet pulp!

12/5/2013 1:41:02 AM

All 10 of my horses get it every day.

12/4/2013 11:59:42 PM

Beet pulp was ordered by our vet, "part of a diet" to help put weight on a horse we rescued.

12/4/2013 11:51:15 PM

Twice a day, well soaked.

12/4/2013 11:50:20 PM

If I needed extra fiber and energy in my horse's diet, I certainly would feed it (soaked).

12/4/2013 10:29:04 PM

Soaked pellets has helped my mare with her weight and digestion

12/4/2013 9:54:23 PM

Every day!

12/4/2013 9:30:22 PM

Haystack Feeds in Oregon make a pelleted beet pulp feed. The horses love it!!

12/4/2013 9:06:23 PM

In the Winter. I soak it in warm water for my older retired pinto.

12/4/2013 8:33:09 PM

Only in the winter to help maintain weight and soaked for an hour prior to feeding. NEVER dry.

12/4/2013 8:30:34 PM

He does fine on plain hay

12/4/2013 8:30:27 PM

Great, inexpensive nutirition and the horse loves it!

12/4/2013 8:21:57 PM

Beet pulp, vitamin/mineral supplement and high quality grass hay - my horses thrive on it.

12/4/2013 8:12:26 PM

Fall through winter to help supplement hay forage since there is no grass.

12/4/2013 7:41:47 PM

10 hr choke did it for me

12/4/2013 7:32:14 PM

Beet Pulp helped put weight on my skinny old boy and he's keeping it beautifully. Thank Goodness!

12/4/2013 7:27:18 PM

Yes, adds lots of beneficial fiber and water, helping to prevent colic.

12/4/2013 7:24:05 PM

I have a hard-keeper horse who is ALSO insulin resistant, molasses free beet pulp is all I can feed

12/4/2013 6:59:51 PM

I could never get them to eat it.

12/4/2013 6:58:07 PM

I Have an Older senior horse with Dental issues and the beet pulp is easier for him to eat.

12/4/2013 6:57:57 PM

I have been using beet pulp for about 20 years. Great stuff

12/4/2013 6:56:22 PM

Horses love it!

12/4/2013 6:41:18 PM

only one of nine.

12/4/2013 6:34:39 PM

They don't like the taste. :P

12/4/2013 6:25:01 PM

For the last 15 years or so, I have fed up to 25 horses beet pulp. I am a fan.

12/4/2013 6:23:28 PM

Every day, soaked in warm (not hot) water

12/4/2013 6:20:19 PM

Feed it year round.

12/4/2013 6:11:24 PM

they like it, But I buy the one which has no added molasses.and I change the container regularly..

12/4/2013 5:09:32 PM

just started. i have a senior horse that needs more calories. so far he loves it.

12/4/2013 5:09:00 PM

To keep them hydrated especially in cold weather

12/4/2013 5:07:02 PM

when needed

12/4/2013 4:53:53 PM

In the winter only. Simple Systems Purra Beet

12/4/2013 4:37:30 PM

I recently switched from the beet pulp shreds, to the beet pulp pellets. Soaked in water of course

12/4/2013 4:30:35 PM

Much beet pulp is GMO. I will only use non GMO

12/4/2013 4:24:20 PM

Everyday in the winter!

12/4/2013 4:18:39 PM

Too many potential problems with it.

12/4/2013 4:03:37 PM

unmolassed low iron

12/4/2013 3:56:40 PM

We supplement with beet pulp when the weather turns really cold. We mix it dry into their feed.

12/4/2013 3:54:53 PM

I feed two older horses (TB=26), (TB/WB cross = 16) beet pulp twice daily.

12/4/2013 3:38:10 PM

My MFT gelding is's insulin-resistant diabetic. Plus I can get the supplements into him better.

12/4/2013 3:35:06 PM

I have one VERY hard keeper who gets beet pulp and rice bran, plus alfalfa with his grass hay.

12/4/2013 3:27:39 PM

Just started my mini's yesterday on shredded beet pulp. was on your site about beet pulp!

12/4/2013 3:26:41 PM

He has many food allergies so he gets beet pulp & cool calories along w/ a vitamin/mineral supplemen

12/4/2013 2:50:35 PM

mixed with alpha oats for my harder to keep

12/4/2013 2:45:49 PM

Yes, in pelleted form.

12/4/2013 2:42:54 PM

I have an older horse who has no teeth.

12/4/2013 2:41:49 PM

No grain. Hydrated beet pulp, Purina 12-12 mins, salt, alfalfa pellets, pasture, grass hay.

12/4/2013 2:40:41 PM

Only when it's below -20•c

12/4/2013 2:39:04 PM

Soaked over night and then drained and mixed with pellets.

12/4/2013 2:23:06 PM

I really love it as an addition to my feed regimen

12/4/2013 2:18:58 PM

Only the type without added molasses, great for administering medications for my EMS pony

12/4/2013 2:14:23 PM

Complete feed and hay stretcher for added calories have been sufficient

12/4/2013 2:12:16 PM

Only in winter

12/4/2013 2:10:09 PM

My 30 yr old can no longer eat a lot of hay so beet pulp makes up most of his ration.

12/4/2013 2:01:20 PM

In a grain mix made at a feed mill

12/4/2013 1:57:07 PM

just in winter to keep gut function going and kee horses warm. Especially my 20 year old.

12/4/2013 1:52:58 PM

If they can it hay it has more nutrition.

12/4/2013 1:52:48 PM

Has been a staple of our older horses for years!

12/4/2013 1:51:16 PM

I feed my older horses and hard keepers beet pulp daily.

12/4/2013 1:47:19 PM

Regular part of diet for all. We feed high quality hay with good pasture and supplement for minerals

12/4/2013 1:46:31 PM

As part of the ingredient list for Triple Crown Senior.

12/4/2013 1:42:37 PM

Found out through trying to use it to put weight on my OTTB that it was good for his feet, coat etc!

12/4/2013 1:39:57 PM

Safe calorie source and supplement carrier

12/4/2013 1:38:10 PM

I use beet pulp pellets, can't find beet pulp fiber in France, and I soak these pellets 24 hours

12/4/2013 1:36:59 PM

only in winter

12/4/2013 1:34:56 PM

I prefer the pellets over shreds. They can also be given as small treats!

12/4/2013 1:34:20 PM

Very good source of fiber, very good for their GI tract, very digestible. Follow recommendations,

12/4/2013 1:28:49 PM

all of my horses love it, i can use it as a treat or a supplement in the winter to keep weight up

12/4/2013 1:26:13 PM

pelleted soaked with alfalfa pellets for my ottb

12/4/2013 1:24:35 PM

I actually feed the pellets, and only to the horses that have a difficult time keeping weight on.

12/4/2013 1:20:07 PM

I mix it with vitamin and oil supplements, my horses love it!

12/4/2013 1:19:52 PM

I wish non GMO beet pulp was more readily available.

12/4/2013 1:17:42 PM

Will always feed my horses beet pulp on a daily basis.

12/4/2013 1:16:53 PM

Not all the time, just occasionally.

12/4/2013 1:14:14 PM

I feed all 6 of mine unmollassed beet pulp

12/4/2013 1:13:34 PM

not right now, I have in the past with horses that weren't easy keepers, or had dental problems

12/4/2013 1:13:19 PM

yes I do in a warm mash with their regular feed.

12/4/2013 1:11:33 PM

Mainstay in our miniature horse diets @ Picture Perfect Miniatures -- all classes and ages.

12/4/2013 1:08:31 PM

More when I want to give them a wet mash, but their grain has beet pulp in it already.

12/4/2013 1:07:23 PM

Each one get it soaked 2x a day with their feed. Year round

12/4/2013 1:07:10 PM

I feed my old horses beet pulp.

12/4/2013 1:04:50 PM

I used to but now buy a complete senior feed with added fat (Triple Crown Senior). It's much easier

12/4/2013 1:04:46 PM

It is not readily available in my area

12/4/2013 1:04:05 PM

Cannot find any grown organically, pesticide free......

12/4/2013 1:03:31 PM

soaked, no molasses, beet pulp everyday for lunch with all their supplements. they love it!

12/4/2013 1:02:54 PM

only in winter

12/4/2013 1:02:36 PM

Wet. No molasses. Twice daily with grain

12/4/2013 1:02:24 PM


12/4/2013 1:02:02 PM

Without molasses.

12/4/2013 1:01:37 PM

It is also good for mixing in meds and powdered suppliments.

12/4/2013 12:45:10 PM

It is in my senior feed

12/4/2013 12:39:33 PM

I got my gelding as 2 yr old had him for 31 yrs fed beet pulp,2 yrs now

12/4/2013 12:21:31 PM

always soaked

12/4/2013 12:20:37 PM

molasses free

12/4/2013 12:15:11 PM

our hay is inconsistent quality, so if he starts dropping weight I put him on beet pulp.

12/4/2013 11:35:24 AM

I have fed it in the past, but have a horse that I can't feed any sugars to and she couldn't handle

12/4/2013 11:29:41 AM

although their is some in the pelleted feed I use for senior horses.

12/4/2013 11:24:18 AM

Beets are now a GMO

12/4/2013 10:40:21 AM

Yes in the winter to help maintain weight on my 17yr old Appendix GH

12/4/2013 10:14:37 AM

Too much trouble to soak and rinse to remove dirt, iron and sugar.

12/4/2013 9:12:10 AM

I've never tried it; right now I have "young" horses (under 15), feed straight hay only

12/4/2013 8:51:11 AM

Always curious about though!

12/4/2013 8:46:05 AM

All my horses have hay 24/7 with a multivit. Only grain is given to the 30+ yr old

12/4/2013 8:27:07 AM

Not separately, but my seniors get Triple Crown Sr feed which includes beet pulp. Love that feed!

12/4/2013 8:05:24 AM

too messy

12/4/2013 6:44:59 AM

yes...to supplement extra hay for warmth in winter. We use a custom senior feed that is very high in

12/4/2013 6:22:32 AM

But in the past we fed the old TB geld. They loved it.

12/4/2013 6:12:54 AM

As a part of senior horse mush

12/4/2013 5:29:13 AM

Comes mixed in my grain.

12/4/2013 1:23:00 AM

I used to feed it soaked to my Cushing's young horse as well as my Cushing's old horse.

12/4/2013 1:11:01 AM

I have used it in the past but not using it currently.

12/4/2013 1:09:33 AM

Soy bean meal is working wonderful to get his weight back up for now.

12/4/2013 12:36:11 AM

But it's hard to get in Australia. They import it from England.

12/4/2013 12:35:22 AM

I feed it occassionaly. My mare eats it for a month, then refuses. A few months later she's into i

12/3/2013 11:12:26 PM

Endurance riders have used it for decades

12/3/2013 11:01:43 PM

I'd rather feed a good quality 1st cut hay & an extruded grain if necessary.

12/3/2013 10:09:20 PM

Elder pony w/o molars; and Years ago to a horse with heaves.

12/3/2013 9:14:45 PM

Only in pre-mixed feed.

12/3/2013 9:07:30 PM

mixed with alfalfa timothy cubes to get them to consume salt in the winter, mix salt with the cube p

12/3/2013 9:06:45 PM

No, but I appreciate the benefits of beet pulp when its use is indicated.

12/3/2013 8:54:51 PM

GMO and too many contaminants

12/3/2013 8:51:56 PM

Hay is a premium price any more!

12/3/2013 8:47:15 PM

Not now,but I did feed it to my old TB who has died of old age

12/3/2013 8:33:46 PM

just feed oat hay,pasture,and hay cubes .

12/3/2013 8:12:43 PM

Only our 33 y/o mare gets is as a filler since she can no longer chew hay.

12/3/2013 7:48:44 PM

My horses get their beet pulp first, as it tends to reduce the bolting-grain behavior

12/3/2013 7:35:49 PM

I have fed beet pulp as 30-45% of my rations for 15 years. I swear by it for keeping my racehorses i

12/3/2013 7:30:10 PM

We feed it mixed with senior to a thirty one year old horse along with timothy chopped forage

12/3/2013 7:05:50 PM

switched to soy hull pellets they are cheaper. mostly feed hay and pasture though.

12/3/2013 6:41:12 PM

Use it all winter to help in hydration

12/3/2013 6:40:58 PM

Great for putting on weight, especially if oil is added.

12/3/2013 6:06:49 PM

The stable I board at will begin this feed due to their not so good this year

12/3/2013 5:49:22 PM

Not at present, but I have fed it frequently in the past.

12/3/2013 5:44:13 PM

Had a boarder once that did, but we never have.

12/3/2013 5:27:01 PM

I try, as vet recommend it to keep gut clean, but they do NOT like it !

12/3/2013 5:22:05 PM

Yes, in winter - helps avoid weight loss.

12/3/2013 5:11:26 PM

All our elderly horses (we currently have 8 aged 25 to 37 years) receive mash containing beet pulp.

12/3/2013 4:35:48 PM

my senior horse gets beat pulp

12/3/2013 4:35:44 PM

Tried to, but my hard-keeper chesnut thorobred mare wouldn't touch it!

12/3/2013 4:34:07 PM

Our 33 year old horse gets Equine Senior and hay pellets soaked in hot water.

12/3/2013 2:56:06 PM

200 gr/day

12/3/2013 1:15:33 PM

With 3 insulin resitant horse bp is the greatest gut filler and medicine disguiser

12/3/2013 12:59:30 PM

Don't feed it to current horse but not against feeding it.

12/3/2013 12:55:01 PM

The grain I feed has beet pulp chunks in it. I do not feed the "conventional" style.

12/3/2013 12:04:35 PM


12/3/2013 11:24:19 AM

Yes, 2 lbs (before soaking) to my ulcer prone gelding.

12/3/2013 11:15:02 AM

should I be?

12/3/2013 9:14:47 AM

Just left barn where beet pulp with molasses was PM feed, my chowhound didn't finish it, better now.

12/3/2013 8:51:12 AM

I feed my horse a beet pulp/grain mix.

12/3/2013 8:02:28 AM

only in winter time mixed with warm water and cut apples

12/3/2013 7:46:09 AM

tried to, but couldn't get my horses to eat it, no matter what I mixed it with

12/3/2013 5:32:52 AM

But only sugar free, non GMO speedibeet

12/3/2013 2:59:51 AM

my horse died from eating grain with beet pulp in it. My vet recommended that I never feed it again

12/3/2013 1:07:36 AM