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Planning for the Final Goodbye

While end-of-life planning for your horse might be painful, having a plan ahead of time will make the decision easier. Read More

Developing the Sport Horse: The Importance of Hydration

Learn how heat and humidity can affect horses' ability to perform, and why water is important to keeping them healthy. Read More

Cross-Training Sport Horses for Body and Mind

Cross-training is a "central pillar" to athletic success and longevity, one veterinarian says. Learn why. Read More

Preventing Fall and Winter Colic

Paying attention to equine management can go a long way to decrease colic incidence. Read More

Working Animal Welfare: Seeking Sustainable Solutions

In developing countries, working horses, donkeys, and mules are most often used for heavy labor, whether it be hauling heavy loads of cargo or carrying tourists up and down a mountain.

The animals might be suffering from Read More