Poll Recap: Social Media Usage

Poll Recap: Social Media Usage

Of the 423 respondents, 280 (66%) said that, of a variety of social media sites, they rely on Facebook most for horse information.

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Social media provides many different outlets for horse owners to converse, share information, and connect with other owners with have similar interests. In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers which social media outlet they relied on the most for horse-related information. More than 400 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 423 total respondents, 280 (66%) said that, of a variety of social media platforms, they rely most on Facebook horse-related information. Another 23 individuals (5%) said they used Pinterest the most for horse-related pictures, posts, and information, while 10 respondents (2%) said they relied on Twitter. Only nine people (2%) said they rely on Instagram for their information. The remaining 101 respondents (24%) chose “other.”

Additionally, 96 people left comments about their social media use:

Poll Results

Several people explained why they rely on Facebook for horse-related information:

  • “I think Facebook is most useful—no character limits and most people and organizations are on there.”
  • “I have my own horse-related business and use Facebook for that.”
  • “I use Facebook to share pictures with family, friends, and the breeder of one of my horses.”
  • “I keep up with my horse community on Facebook—events, health warnings, help needed, etc.”
  • “I follow a barefoot trim group on Facebook, but that's it.”
  • “I love to share pictures and ask for advice on my wall as well as in groups!”
  • “I don't have an account with any, but I use public Facebook for studs and for sale (advertisements).”
  • “We post horses for sale on Facebook, and keep up with association news.”
  • “I am an author and former professional trainer using Facebook to build audience.”

Many people said they do not use social media outlets for horse information:

  • “I don't use social media—I'm old fashioned and love magazines and books.”
  • “No social media influences me!”
  • “I don't have any of the above, so I use email.”
  • “I do not share horse stuff on any public social media.”
  • “I don't really use it. I could be with my horse, not on the computer.”
  • “I only subscribe to lists. Twitter and Facebook people often have no appropriate filters.”
  • “I don't use any (social media very) much. I prefer a direct source over opinion, except where I can't find the resource.”

Others left comments about additional resources they use for horse-information:

  • “I use web searches to research subjects and to remain current with horse health and care issues.”
  • “I use actual horse websites, not social media.”
  • “I use internet searches and have subscriptions to online magazines.”
  • “I use online horse magazines and medical journals”
  • “I use YouTube and Google+.”
  • “We have a great chat board here in Northern California. I don't post much, just lurk and learn.”
  • “I rely on veterinary-, medicine-, and science-based websites and information.”
  • “I rely on my email account with various horse related magazines. If I need specific information I'll Google it.”
  • “I get my horse info from emails from magazines and online sources.”
  • “I find lots of interesting articles on your website (TheHorse.com).”
  • “I rely on books and websites like this one.”
  • “I read email-subscribed mags, reports, equine news services, and messages from friends.”
  • “I rely on TheHorse.com!”

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