Poll Recap: Gastric Ulcers

Poll Recap: Gastric Ulcers

Of the 608 respondents, 205 (34) indicated they've had a horse diagnosed with gastric ulcers.

Photo: Courtesy Danny Holbrook, Tryon Equine Hospital

In last week’s poll, we asked if your horse has ever been diagnosed as having gastric ulcers. More than 600 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 608 respondents, 403 (66%) said no, their horse has never been diagnosed as having gastric ulcers. The remaining 205 (34%) respondents indicated they've had a horse diagnosed with gastric ulcers.

Additionally, more than 50 individuals left comments about their horses and gastric ulcers.

Many people commented about horses that have been diagnosed with ulcers:

Poll Results

  • “A show mare at age 6 was diagnosed—resulted from training stress. Omeprazole did the trick.”
  • “(My horse was diagnosed) after a 4-day commercial horse van trip as a yearlingresolved with treatment”
  • “He ... just misbehaved at shows. After treatment, he was much better.”
  • “(My horse was diagnosed) when he was racing and stabled at the track.”
  • “I have a horse here with gastric ulcers, however he isn't mine. He does fine if he isn't stressed.”
  • “He has been treated; (it's) difficult to know if he is still feeling discomfort.”
  • “Both my 3-year-old and my 5-year-old (were) diagnosed; both (are) really laid back horses.”
  • “(My horse had) ulcers from medication given because of an accident. (They resolved) once found and treated.”
  • “(My horse was diagnosed) following a systemic allergic reaction.”
  • “My gelding has been at the vet's for a month now with an ulcer.”
  • “I found out when she had a colic episode at a clinic after being administered Bute paste.”
  • “We recently started training for endurance competition; our vet confirmed and treated (the ulcers). All (my horses are) now on SmartGut supplement.”

A few people said their horses haven’t had problems with ulcers:

  • “I did endurance riding with hubby and several different horses. No problems with ulcers.”
  • “(I've managed) lots of other stuff, but never an ulcer, thank goodness.”
  • “After 40 years of owning horses, not not has ever had any issues with gastic ulcers, including off-track Thoroughbreds.”

Others commented that they've self-diagnosed their horse with ulcers:

  • “Not diagnosed, but (I guessed he had them). We treated (for ulcers) and it worked.”
  • “Not a formal diagnosis, but treated based on symptoms with 100% improvement.”
  • “No endoscopy, but treatment did provide marked relief of symptoms.”

And others said they've been suspicious about their horse having ulcers:

  • “He is a Thoroughbred and a cribber. I can only guess he does have ulcers.”
  • “My oldest is suspected of having and gets U-gard daily. The others, no.”
  • “I suspect he has them though!”
  • “A former trainer thought he had ulcers, but my vet has never diagnosed them.”
  • “But I do suspect it in a couple of my horses.”

Find out more about gastric ulcers with this free factsheet, and learn how you can prevent and manage gastric ulcers at TheHorse.com.

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