A Soft Spot to Rest

What kind of bedding do you use for your horses?

Shavings or wood chips

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sand or rubber mats

9/8/2013 10:44:01 PM

I use medium-sized shavings, not the big chips and not the really fine sawdust.

9/8/2013 10:02:47 PM


9/8/2013 9:35:20 PM

With rubber matting.

9/8/2013 6:54:38 PM

My horses have 24/7 turn-out.

9/8/2013 5:41:59 PM

my horse lives outside and digs a hole to sleep in, in the dirt/sand

9/8/2013 3:51:35 PM

small shavings

9/8/2013 3:46:23 PM

we use shredded cardboard-works well

9/8/2013 2:28:02 PM


9/8/2013 2:17:18 PM

My horses live out - in winter, they lie on so called "wasted hay". In my world, its not wasted.

9/8/2013 8:44:22 AM

As we are farmers straw is readily available but I use shavings for my laminitic pony.

9/8/2013 7:30:38 AM

We pair shavings with stall mats for extra comfort.

9/7/2013 8:41:39 PM

horses live out 24/7

9/7/2013 8:12:13 PM

Sun Coast brand as it's the only one I'm able to find that is kiln dried and clean

9/7/2013 6:27:58 PM

my horses are field boarded but if I had a barn I'd use straw

9/7/2013 10:31:28 AM

We LOVE wood pellets. We soak the pellets in water and they make a wonderful bedding.

9/7/2013 12:54:03 AM


9/6/2013 8:22:21 PM


9/6/2013 3:30:10 PM

In our wet,damp winters in Oregon ,on our farm we use both wood chips in wet spots and on top straw

9/6/2013 1:18:42 PM

Generally I don't use any kind of bedding, but in the winter when it's cold and wet I use shavings.

9/6/2013 11:27:26 AM

I've been involved with horses for 36 years, and a horse owner for 29. I use Nafcore.

9/6/2013 11:04:07 AM

Paper at home when they are stalled on mats, and shavings when we are at shows stalled on concrete.

9/6/2013 9:27:58 AM

course sand

9/6/2013 8:40:14 AM

I use sawdust. I like shavings better but they are more costly and harder to muck than sawdust.

9/6/2013 8:16:47 AM

My horses are out 24/7 with a run in shed. They have a dry lot and pasture.

9/6/2013 8:05:00 AM

My horses are out 24/7.

9/6/2013 6:54:07 AM

More absorbent and easier to clean stalls than shavings or straw.

9/6/2013 12:56:59 AM

We use shavings with a thick rubber stall mat underneath..

9/5/2013 11:32:25 PM


9/5/2013 11:18:51 PM

My horses are out 26/ 7 the way natures intended. No need for artificial bedding

9/5/2013 9:13:52 PM


9/5/2013 8:40:26 PM

I like a combination of the two

9/5/2013 8:11:48 PM

Hunt Club bedding. Love it!

9/5/2013 8:10:56 PM

rubber mats in pipe pens

9/5/2013 6:28:58 PM

I have pasture horses.

9/5/2013 6:21:32 PM

They are pasture horses all 100 of them

9/5/2013 5:23:05 PM

peanut shells are cheap in the south

9/5/2013 4:34:44 PM

During the day our horses live in open stabling with rubber stall mats, pea gravel and dry lot.

9/5/2013 3:17:30 PM

combined keeps odors to a minimum and is more absorbent

9/5/2013 3:11:59 PM

Have used shredded paper over 7 years and love it.

9/5/2013 1:18:09 PM

Our stable is using rice hulls, and I don't like it!

9/5/2013 1:07:09 PM

Pellets for the base, then shavings over. Pellets are more absorbant.

9/5/2013 10:17:24 AM

Peatmoss base, straw pellets.Wet down, mix well. No odor, no waste.

9/5/2013 9:43:02 AM

I think pellets are the most economical, because I think we have less waste with them.

9/5/2013 5:57:53 AM

We prefer straw and so do the horses. It gives the best bedding, is the least expensive.

9/5/2013 3:05:34 AM

no bedding - my equines live in pasture.

9/4/2013 11:19:10 PM

I never stall my horses except at feeding time, then only for a hour or 2

9/4/2013 10:08:52 PM

Love shavings, hate cardboard and newspaper

9/4/2013 6:38:02 PM

We use shavings with a sawdust base over a clay floor.

9/4/2013 6:28:58 PM

M horses all are on pasture -no stall babies at my house!

9/4/2013 6:01:51 PM

Rice hulls

9/4/2013 5:22:22 PM

We also have rubber mats as a base. The absorbent nature of the pellets helps keep ammonia down by

9/4/2013 5:19:05 PM

shavings over mats

9/4/2013 5:15:30 PM

I prefer straw but am not able to find a supplier in this area

9/4/2013 4:32:28 PM

I use sand. I have a laminated horse and he prefers the sand stall. it is easy to clean & maintain.

9/4/2013 4:27:05 PM

rice hulls

9/4/2013 3:29:44 PM

Sand and gravel

9/4/2013 3:03:53 PM

saw dust

9/4/2013 2:33:54 PM

Mine have 24/7 access to stalls. They usually sleep on the sand in the round pen from choice

9/4/2013 2:10:48 PM

We raise wheat straw so it is logical to use it nd it is easier to clean and can be spread on fields

9/4/2013 1:52:02 PM

I use the big shaving & like to keep their stalls fluffy

9/4/2013 1:36:01 PM

Use straw one horse is allergic to all forms of evergreens, includes pine. He loves his comfy bed.

9/4/2013 12:51:49 PM

shavings + pellets in the 24x24+ barn when horse is in, not the 48x48,

9/4/2013 12:23:31 PM

My horses prefer a finer shavings over coarse wood chips.

9/4/2013 11:38:08 AM

rice hulls

9/4/2013 10:53:14 AM

Very absorbent. Keeps feet dry nd healthy. Easy to clean.

9/4/2013 10:18:12 AM

Live in HOT Phx, AZ-2 horses that drink and pee constantly; use shavings to sort-of keep stall dry

9/4/2013 10:08:38 AM

Straw over top of shavings; tried the pellets but they don't work if the temperature drops < freezin

9/4/2013 10:02:41 AM

Added pellets under the shavings at the wet spot--makes an amazing difference

9/4/2013 9:29:03 AM


9/4/2013 9:05:27 AM

I learned from an oldtimer that hay is best for foaling on. It is not slippery when wet.

9/4/2013 8:41:13 AM

I use "Fine" pine shavings, easier to clean. Found a brand this is not dusty.

9/4/2013 8:31:16 AM

None as my horses are pasture boarded. B4 I moved used shredded paper and shavings.

9/4/2013 7:59:46 AM

Our barn gas a dirt floor that I do add pellets to in the winter but its an open barn so they come a

9/4/2013 7:37:24 AM

My horses are out 24/7, but when they used to have a night stall - shavings.

9/4/2013 7:11:16 AM

pellets freeze in very cold weather. Both pellets and shavings do become dusty with time

9/4/2013 6:16:49 AM


9/4/2013 5:42:19 AM

the good ole stand by ,can't be beat !!

9/4/2013 5:21:26 AM

I use softwood sawdust from our local mill. Its easy to sift through and it absorbs better.

9/4/2013 2:03:17 AM

I want to have the whole stable emtied / clean at least once every week to avoid any germs/worm eggs

9/4/2013 1:14:57 AM

Maine Pine shavings

9/4/2013 12:10:16 AM

I have to use straw pellets due to my horse's allergy to pine.

9/3/2013 11:13:18 PM

Terramigo, more to cover sand than for comfort.

9/3/2013 11:01:13 PM

yellow sand

9/3/2013 10:40:31 PM

pasture is so much better for the horse in the long run prefer my horse to be outside

9/3/2013 10:21:15 PM

Had been using shavings but since trying the wood pellets I have stopped using shavings. Feel pellet

9/3/2013 10:10:22 PM

Heavy wood shavings in one spot in a large dirt corral.

9/3/2013 10:04:34 PM

Big shavings I find the best. less dust.

9/3/2013 9:45:33 PM

My horse lives in a paddock

9/3/2013 9:15:58 PM

pellets on the bottom, wood shavings on top

9/3/2013 9:01:34 PM

Have 4ins of gravel, then 4 in sand then rubber stall mats then bed deep with pine shavings

9/3/2013 8:58:56 PM

With mats

9/3/2013 8:38:52 PM

Shavings over rubber mats ...

9/3/2013 8:31:40 PM


9/3/2013 8:31:25 PM

very fine sawdust

9/3/2013 8:25:25 PM

my horses are outside (with shelter) almost 24/7

9/3/2013 8:21:16 PM

In the winter when its cold and wet alot shavings. Summer none and PDZ for the flies.

9/3/2013 8:19:33 PM

Finely chopped straw - great absorption - a few shavings mixed in

9/3/2013 8:19:05 PM

Love the paper bedding

9/3/2013 8:01:09 PM

shavings for general use, straw at foaling time

9/3/2013 7:59:09 PM

They each have a corral 50 ft X 100 ft with soft dirt they lay in.

9/3/2013 7:58:13 PM

price is right and they absorb very well .

9/3/2013 7:21:58 PM

He lives outside.

9/3/2013 7:21:04 PM

Rubber mets

9/3/2013 7:18:17 PM

Horses that urinate heavy need additional pellets

9/3/2013 7:15:56 PM

Shavings at shows, pellets at home to take up wetness and horse lays outside in soft dirt under tree

9/3/2013 7:02:43 PM

My favorite is

9/3/2013 6:53:13 PM

not really 'bedding' but good for soaking up urine!

9/3/2013 6:53:07 PM

The ground!

9/3/2013 6:44:00 PM

A bare minimum; my horse prefers to lie down outside in her sand round pen.

9/3/2013 6:36:36 PM

green saw dust

9/3/2013 6:35:27 PM

would rather use pellets, but need ultra-thick bedding over asphalt in current barn

9/3/2013 6:35:07 PM

Love pellets for the ease of cleaning, but I add some shavings during cold weather for a warmer bed

9/3/2013 6:32:57 PM

My horse is out in the pasture 24/7, so no bedding.

9/3/2013 6:20:49 PM

Have tried pellets... Too expensive and once broken down, they blow completely away on a breezy day.

9/3/2013 6:20:16 PM

they are mostly out in grass pens or pasture; only use shavings/cedar ships when we use trailers.

9/3/2013 6:12:29 PM

Grass in the pasture; if they HAVE to be in a stall- straw

9/3/2013 6:09:26 PM

Pallet grindings.

9/3/2013 6:08:12 PM

Have used pellets but the horses are outdoors 98% of the time now, their choice.

9/3/2013 6:04:42 PM

use straw with foaling mares otherwise shavings.

9/3/2013 6:01:49 PM

Pellets: easier to store, more absorbent, cheaper, but a little more work. Worth it!

9/3/2013 5:37:14 PM

Unless a horse is stall confined, none as they are free to roam 24/7 except for feeding.

9/3/2013 5:31:28 PM

Also use older, more stemmy hay that they have no interest in

9/3/2013 5:29:34 PM

I use Cedar Rest in my horse's outdoor paddock and he loves it!

9/3/2013 5:17:16 PM

We buy shavings in bulk from a local mill. Easier to pick stall than with chips.

9/3/2013 5:06:09 PM

Matted stalls open to paddocks, so if they do dump inside, I just sweep it outside when I feed.

9/3/2013 5:05:17 PM

rubber matting

9/3/2013 4:58:51 PM

Rice Hulls

9/3/2013 4:51:40 PM

Pellets over rubber mats

9/3/2013 4:28:57 PM

Coffee parchment

9/3/2013 3:07:10 PM

thick rubber mats. They will go outside to thier coralls to urinate as they dont like the splashing.

9/3/2013 1:07:27 PM

Alway uses shavings except for foaling. Then we use straw

9/3/2013 12:32:37 PM

And the uneaten hay to provide more cushion for the Seniors!

9/3/2013 12:26:58 PM

horses are in pasture with run-in sheds

9/3/2013 12:16:07 PM

We find pellets make the stall easier to clean, and produce less bedding waste.

9/3/2013 12:11:57 PM

Combination does well for my run-out stalls.

9/3/2013 11:57:13 AM

I use a combination, shavings on the bottom and straw on top.

9/3/2013 11:28:16 AM

Corn cob pellets are the BEST. One 40# bag absorbs 18 gall.of liquid, clumps like cat litter & soft.

9/3/2013 11:19:28 AM

Sawdust for our main bedding, pellets added to geldings' stalls, shavings for horse shows

9/3/2013 11:10:05 AM

In a large open corral with shade, so sand in bed area, mats over loose dirt in eating area

9/3/2013 11:00:48 AM

Rubber mat in run-in shed

9/3/2013 10:42:43 AM

Prefer fine shavings for easier sifting

9/3/2013 10:31:18 AM

I've found that pelleted bedding is more efficient than shavings when it comes to stall cleaning.

9/3/2013 10:19:15 AM