How to Bathe a Horse Like a Pro

Learn how to bathe a horse from Mari Valceschini, an FEI dressage competitor.

Common Equine Skin Conditions

Equine skin conditions range from fungi to allergens to who-knows what.

High-Tech Horse Science

Researchers are using technology to study equine locomotion, physiology, signs of stress, cognition, and more.

Insect Control on Horse Farms

Discover options to help protect your horses from mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Colic in Horses

Colic is the most common cause of equine deaths. Take a closer look at this devastating condition.

Don't Spook! Contest: Editors' Picks

Readers submitted photos and stories of different things that spook their horses.

Rehabilitating the Foundered Horse: Case Study

Follow Tess, a 16-year-old mare, step-by-step as she rehabs from a bought of PPID-related laminitis.

Behind the Scenes With a Four-Star Eventing Barn

Catch a ride with eventer Boyd Martin and find out what it takes to prepare high-performance horses for competition.

Equine Internal Parasites

Take a look at common internal parasites and learn about drug resistance and how to control certain worms.

Forages for Feeding Horses

Available forages for horses vary by region and season. Here's a look at some of the most common.

Horse Grains and Feeds

Flip through feeds and pelleted forages commonly found in the equine diet.

Countdown to Spring Challenge

Our staff has been anxiously counting down to spring. Check out our top tips to get your horses and farm ready!

A Love for Horses

Readers recently shared photos and stories of special horses in their lives.

Your Horse Spooked at What?

What spooks your horse? Here are some horses' scariest encounters, as told by our readers.

The Chore-Efficient Horse Property

Take a tour of Triple M Ranch, a 7-acre Washington horse farm designed to minimize labor.

Help! My Horse is Sun-Sensitive Contest: Editors' Picks

Readers submitted stories and photos of their sun-sensitive horses. Discover how they protect their horses from the sun.

Behind the Scenes at the Rio 2016 Olympics Equestrian Events

While you watched as world-class horses jumped and passaged, farriers, vets, and grooms kept busy back in the barns.

Equine Veterinary Care at Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Veterinary specialists from around the globe are prepared to care for the world's top equine athletes in Rio.

2016 Fly Mask Mishap Contest: Editors' Picks

Readers submitted photos of their horses' worn, torn, and destroyed fly masks. Here are some of our favorites.

2016 From Rescue to Rockstar Contest

Readers submitted stories of their horses that have made vast improvements since being rescued or adopted.

Helping the Working Horses of Honduras

Go behind the scenes of an Equitarian Initiative clinic in Honduras as vets and vet students offer treatment to horses.

Natural Horse Farm Insect (and Pest) Control

What eats 600 mosquitoes an hour? Find out and get more tips for protecting your horse from disease-spreading insects!

Conditions Helped by Hay Soaking

Research shows that soaking hay before feeding can help a variety of equine health conditions.

Shelter Options for Horses

Are you looking for a shelter option for your horses to protect them from the elements? Here are some ideas you can use.