Your Vet's Horsemanship Skills

What is your veterinarian's strongest horse handling skill?

Restraint methods
Maintaining human and/or horse safety
Being patient and calm
Rewarding good behavior
Other (please specify)

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Comments & Write-in Answers


9/8/2014 7:54:23 PM

Combination of the above, depending on the situation, plus sedation when necessa

9/8/2014 7:34:00 PM

We attend all vet and farrier visits and wouldn't tolerate rough handling by anyone for one minute.

9/8/2014 7:03:21 PM

explaining problems and/or solutions

9/8/2014 6:03:56 PM


9/8/2014 9:50:08 AM

loves animals and is totally against abuse

9/7/2014 9:35:48 PM

Able to make my concerns his,.

9/7/2014 9:15:01 PM

and complete knowledge of the animal

9/7/2014 2:20:39 PM

My vet's always patient and calm, and always maintains human/horse safety. He's the best.

9/7/2014 2:06:30 PM

listening to the owner, I don't expect vets to train my horses to behave and stand for them.

9/6/2014 8:24:10 PM

Diagnosing lameness.

9/5/2014 2:44:26 PM

they all have had horses in their lives, so they know horses and are smart around them. love them!

9/5/2014 11:20:52 AM

he listens and takes his time. he's never in a hurry.

9/5/2014 8:44:14 AM

My vet isn't there to train my horses. I handle them, he treats them.

9/4/2014 4:43:37 PM

Also rewards good behavior

9/4/2014 3:03:47 PM

provides good explanations/education to horse owners.

9/4/2014 1:20:44 PM

They drug eveything...warranted or not ...for their protection!

9/4/2014 12:49:01 PM

We have 2 mares not good about shots. He does it calmly, quickly with little reaction from them.

9/3/2014 7:15:00 PM

one of my mares is very suspicious of the Vet and my Vet stays calm & patient at all times with her

9/3/2014 6:53:23 PM

Fortunately, I've only met him twice for vaccinations since I got my mare.

9/3/2014 6:48:01 PM

Thorough discussion of issues and treatment options.

9/3/2014 6:34:41 PM

she takes her time and givesvtreats to my crazy scared boy.

9/3/2014 5:51:51 PM

A vet that isn't patient and calm is no vet of mine.

9/3/2014 5:40:36 PM

Communication with the owner

9/3/2014 4:31:54 PM

She has a very calm personality, almost invisible!

9/3/2014 4:29:57 PM

An absolutely necessity for my vet-fearing gelding.

9/3/2014 3:29:23 PM

He is semi retired, and used to be a race track vet. Perfect for my retired pacer.

9/3/2014 11:31:58 AM

explaining as she works,I'm 44 years old, and still learn something new,when she's out

9/3/2014 5:19:26 AM

We love our vet since he works so hard at keeping all of us safe with patience & a cool head.

9/2/2014 9:48:25 PM

Safety first but second is she always makes sure that my horses are on the mend

9/2/2014 7:01:50 PM

always the tranquilizer

9/2/2014 6:42:37 PM

I salute all professionals who have to work with horses who may or may not be trained for handling.

9/2/2014 6:05:03 PM

My vet is outstanding in everything involving horses and owners!!!

9/2/2014 6:02:06 PM

I'd have to say - all of the above.

9/2/2014 5:57:07 PM

My horses all behave so his expertise in diagnosis and treatment actions-shots, etc is paramount

9/2/2014 5:22:18 PM

all of the above!

9/2/2014 5:16:40 PM

The vet group we use has always been up to date and very professional in all their efforts.

9/2/2014 5:14:17 PM

Excellent knowledge of equine behavior.

9/2/2014 5:02:26 PM

He's so calm around the horses they hardly know he's doing anything to them.

9/2/2014 4:25:21 PM

None of the above. He's terrible with horses. He's mainly a cattle vet but he's all there is here.

9/2/2014 4:21:59 PM


9/2/2014 3:57:28 PM

Horses are put in stocks for treatment.Keeps all involved safer.

9/2/2014 3:35:05 PM

not sure-horses have never been a problem- very well behaved, healthy horses

9/2/2014 2:13:36 PM

all of those above are my vet. Shes the best!!

9/2/2014 1:38:55 PM

Used to have off-the-track Arab mare, very timid, scared of needles, vet was great w/her

9/2/2014 11:26:25 AM

Our vet is so patient! He's the best!

9/2/2014 11:02:38 AM

to have the knowledge and compassion to treat my animals with respect

9/2/2014 11:01:42 AM

My horses like him, and a relaxed horse is a better-behaved horse.

9/2/2014 10:14:53 AM

My vet uses all those skills to carry out the least stressful visits possible for horse and human.

9/2/2014 8:49:02 AM

I have TB/warmbloods and they are sensitive horses, My vet is calm and methodic.

9/2/2014 7:59:22 AM

sedation - he is scared of horses

9/2/2014 4:09:46 AM