Tevis 2011: Haggin Cup Awarded to Riverwatch

On Oct. 9 the Tevis Cup committee presented the Haggin Cup--awarded annually to the horse judged most fit to continue by ride veterinarians--to Tevis Cup winner Jeremy Reynolds of San Jose, Calif., for the next-day condition of his mount, the 7-year-old bay Arabian horse Riverwatch.

Earlier in the morning eight of the top ten race finishers of the 100-mile endurance event presented their horses for evaluation by the Tevis veterinarians to determine which horse was "most fit to continue." Two of the top ten elected not to present for the award.

Led by head veterinarian Greg Fellers, DVM, the crew observed the horses as they were trotted in hand around a 60 foot circle outlined in the center of the Auburn, Calif., Fairgrounds. Horses also trotted a straight course, out and back, and veterinarians looked for any signs of lameness and rated the contestants' impulsion and attitude.

Each horse was also examined carefully for metabolic condition, hydration, and soreness.

Reynolds' 2011 win make for his third Tevis Cup and second Haggin Cup victory.

Of the more than 175 starters, 123 finished the ride, a 70% completion rate according to ride officials at the awards ceremony. Only 13 horses required veterinary treatment--less than half the usual number--and no horse experienced any serious problem, Fellers reported.

Fellers attributed the favorable rates to "near perfect weather."

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