Tips to Keep Your Horses Safe

The number of horses reported butchered for their meat in the Miami area since January rose to 21 on Saturday when trail riders found the remains of a Thoroughbred mare beside a rural road in Miami-Dade County. Police made two arrests in September, but investigations are ongoing.

Some of the horses were killed and butchered on their owners' property. Stolen Horse International has released the following tips to help secure your property and horses:

  • Put up warning signs up to ward off intruders. Make the intruders think your property has surveillance even if it does not.
  • Make sure you have neighborhood watches in your community. Go door-to-door or e-mail your neighbors and ask for their help watching your horses.
  • Bolt your gates.
  • Put up motion lighting, as well as a farm light on the property.
  • Move horses closer to your house and away from roads or other easy entry to your property.
  • Identify your horses with visible ID as well as a microchip number.
  • Report suspicious activity to law enforcement.
  • Add animal alarms to your farm like barking dogs, guinea hens, donkeys, peacocks, etc.
  • Add video surveillance to your property.
  • Do not leave home without having someone watch your property.
  • Take pictures with your cell phone of suspicious vehicles. Record vehicles' plate numbers.
  • Do not put yourself in harm's way--call law enforcement.

Anyone with information on this latest case is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305/471-TIPS.

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