Readers Take on Alternative Therapies

More than 770 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Would you like to have more information on therapeutic options on"

results of poll on alternative therapies

Results were as follows: 
  • Yes, on a variety of topics 56.35% (439)
  • Yes, on acupuncture and chiropractic 25.42% (198)
  • Yes, on chiropractic 7.96% (62)
  • No, I don't use therapeutic options 7.96% (62)
  • Yes, on acupuncture 2.31% (18)

Readers shared what they would like to see on in the comments below.

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  • especially massage and chiropractic
  • on all of them Please
  • YES to all!!!!
  • Homeopathy also
  • including types of massage and therapies focusing on the musculature
  • I'm a fan of magnets.
  • I am a veterinary Professor in Buenos Aires- Argentina and I’m interested in equine nutrition
  • what are "therapeutic options"? why is it only acupuncture & chiropractic?
  • Variety should include holistic med. tools.
  • sports massage please
  • I have a 20 yo Paint w/OA of the hock. I'd be interested in new things that may help.
  • equine massage and raike, too
  • It would be nice to have info on other form of horse care.
  • I have used both acupuncture and chiropractic with good results & would like more info
  • Therapeutic does not necessarily mean alternative!
  • We've always used massage and other therapys can work wonders!
  • I have seen acupuncture work on my other animals, and me and my family use chiropractic care.
  • I am very interested in accupuncture and accupressure.
  • acupunture & chiropractic are readliy available in my area
  • I have seen both have positive results in horses - as well as with people.
  • Alternative topics as well, natural ones
  • I started my own chiropractric treatment a month ago & feel a big difference!
  • ONLY is supported by RESEARCH
  • Acupuncture, massage, herbals--YES PLEASE!
  • absolutely! Acetylglucosamine is a lot less expensive than adequan-works just as well
  • We have used both these options on horses with great results
  • we use both tho don't really know how much good it does
  • spread the word on removing sarcoids with acupuncture! It works!
  • Yes, I find alternative therapies to be a very important part of actually HEALING a horse.
  • case studies of what works / what doesn't would be nice
  • Chiropratic and accupunture have helped my horse, my dogs and myself. You hear a big sigh from yoc
  • I have had good luck with acupunture and would welcome more info on alternate theraputic options
  • Acupuncture, chiro, and massage
  • 'Only vet-approved articles' can lead to short-sightedness.Massage often maligned/ovrlkd as therapy
  • I haven't really heard much about this kind of stuff...and I'm always ready to learn something new!
  • I've been using chiropractic for 14 years, can't imagine life without it.
  • Cold Lazer Therapy too
  • I I have used both with success but would appreciate data from scientific studies.
  • Horse owners should be able to have options other than western medicine.
  • Reliable information is always appreciated
  • Homeopathic remedies worked 100 years ago, I have the old books to look problems up in when needed.
  • I have used both options with some success; more serious cases show no real results
  • Functional electrical stimulation and myo-fascial release and barefoot hoof care
  • I use many modalities to keep my horse healthy (myself, too)
  • healing/health should be looked at holistically
  • what about massage
  • I already use Reiki, Shamanic healing and aromatherapy on my horses.
  • All such shelp is appreciated
  • Been using A.T.'s over 10 years & laughed at by some
  • really like to know if chiropractic works for sure on horses
  • am certianly open to learn, never know when a horse chiro will be needed
  • Yes, on a variety of methods. Bring 'em!
  • I don't know anything about therapeutic options??
  • Massage too
  • with assessment of efficacy included in the article
  • acupuncture, chiropractic, massage
  • massage therapy
  • I think you cover this topic well now.
  • I have found therapeutic methods to be an excellent complement with traditional medicine in my horse
  • No. Maybe some stretches & basic massage I can do myself. Prevention before treatment.
  • sports massage therapy
  • used massage and chiro on my horse - good stuff!
  • I use chiropractic and acupuncture, but would like to learn about other options available.
  • I don't think you can ignore the positive results that have been recorded in veterinary practice.
  • Chiropractor got my back comfortable.If my horse needs it, she'll get it.
  • Chiro helped my pony so much! from unridable to perfect!
  • My horse fell on the ice a few years back and her hip bothers her occasionally.
  • I think it would be great being I don't know enough about it all..............
  • Any and all information on new forms of helping our horses is great!
  • And how about equine massage. I'd like to learn more.
  • Any information that will keep my Clydesdales healthy is helpful to me.
  • & massage
  • too expensive

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