A.C. Asbury, DVM

A. C. (Woody) Asbury received his DVM from Michigan State University in 1956, then spent 21 years in California in breeding farm practice and at UC Davis. He joined the faculty at the University of Florida in 1977 and was involved in teaching, research, and administration until 1996. An Emeritus Professor at Florida, he lives in Kentucky, where he and his wife are developing a small farm.

Articles by A.C. Asbury

Stopping the Flow

I have a mare that is still lactating heavily months after weaning her foal. What is the cause of this? And how can it be cured or prevented? Read More

What Causes Seizures?

Q: My eventer has recently been diagnosed with seizures. However, despite blood tests, we have no idea what causes them. The episodes last for approximately two minutes, and once they are over, he is completely normal again. He Read More

Reproduction Education

The Ninth International Symposium on Equine Reproduction was held this past summer at Kerkrade, Netherlands, and it maintained its sound reputation for presenting original and applicable research. From its origin at Cambridge in 1974 until now, Read More

Am I Buying a Problem? (Laminitis)

I've been leasing a pony who foundered the past two years on spring grass. Is foundering chronic once started? Read More

Pregnant Mares

The mare from which you have always wanted to raise a foal has just been pronounced pregnant by your veterinarian. Now you just have to wait about 11 months and see what she produces, right? Not so fast! There is much more involved than just Read More

Clean Hooves Before Treating Thrush

My 13-year-old Morgan has had very bad thrush for six years. The most recent treatment our vet recommended is soaking the feet in Epsom salts and packing them with iodine-soaked gauze. He's stalled when it's wet, and the stall is cleaned daily. Read More

Too Sore to Nurse

Q: I have an 8-year-old mare which delivered a filly recently and since the second feeding, she is protective of her teat area. She is constantly nipping when the baby tries to nurse from her. Is there anything I can do to make Read More

Regumate to Control Stud Behavior?

Q: My yearling stallion has begun his show career in longe line classes. He is beginning to lose concentration and act "studdy" at shows. It was suggested that I put him on Regumate to help control this behavior (as an Read More

Reproductive Specialists

Is your best mare still not pregnant after three breedings? Is the stallion from whom you ship semen dropping off in fertility? Would you like to know about embryo transfer for your great cutting mare in order to keep her in competition? You Read More

Pregnant Mares in Heat?

Can you supply me with a veterinary explanation on whether a mare that is in foal can come back into season? Read More

Wetting the Bed

I just started raising a few minis. This year I have a colt which was born with a urinary problem. He keeps dripping urine, not every minute but especially when he lies down. His genital area will be wet, just like kids when they sleep and Read More

Colt Fertility

Q: My husband and I have a mare in heat. I had suggested that we use a 2 1/2 year old stud that we own. He said that the stud is too young and that the foal would probably come out with some form of defect. I am having a hard time finding an Read More

Mare vs. Stallion Genes

Q: I hear people talking about how genetic lines all trace through the paternal side of the horse. What about the mares? What quality of foal would you get if you doubled on the maternal side, linebreeding (mating related Read More

MRLS Workshop

Since the devastating disease process known as mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS) appeared on the scene in 2001 (and reappeared in 2002), concerted efforts have been focused on understanding and controlling the problem. Economic losses to th Read More

Mare Milking Early

I have a Paso Fino mare whose due date is three months away and her milk bag is full, hot, and dripping very white milk. She has been waxed over for about a week now, but thankfully she seems to be in no distress. I can find no one with this Read More

Hermaphroditic Teaser "Mare"

A stud farm I once visited was using a hermaphrodite mare as a teaser, with none of the problems of having a stallion (i.e., no problem with mares in foal to the teaser stallion should he escape). How can you tell if a mare is a hermaphrodit Read More

Pregnant Mare Weight Gain

We have a 6-year-old Quarter Horse mare and a 21-year-old Paint mare, both in foal to the same Quarter Horse stud. Read More

Evaluating Reproductive Health in Mares

The reproductive system of the horse has evolved over time with specific protective functions that are necessary for fertility. The horse and pig are the only domestic animals in which semen is deposited directly into the uterus, in contrast to Read More

Ruptured Stomach

I had a broodmare which died from a ruptured stomach. What could I have done to prevent it? Read More

Scrape That Won't Heal

My 2-year-old Percheron gelding has a scrape just above his right hock (on the outside in the groove). He has had it since birth, but it was more irritated this summer. In winter, it gets dry, scabby, and hairless. What can I use to heal it, Read More

Ketoprofen Side Effects?

Is ketoprofen an alternative to bute for navicular horses? Read More

Phenylbutazone (Bute) Longevity

How many days phenylbutazone (Bute) can stay in a horse's system? Read More

Disposal of Euthanized Animals

Q: Are there risks to other animals that may eat the carcass of a euthanized horse or other large animal? Read More

Equine Reproduction--The Essential Elements

Learn the basics of reproduction in the horse and how to use them to you the best results. Read More

The Foundation of Health

Secretariat, one of the most admired horses in recent years, was humanely destroyed in 1989 because of intractable laminitis. This devastating inflammation between the bone and hoof has been the finish of many horses, ever since the horse was Read More