Deworming & Internal Parasites


Mississippi State Veterinary Students Volunteer Abroad

August 16, 2010

While many people spent their summer vacations relaxing on the beach, a group of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) students traveled to Central America to help animals in need.

In June, Katie Cooley, B... Read More


Focus on Health: The External Horse

August 01, 2010

Maintaining a horse's hair coat takes a lot of energy, protein, and certain trace elements and minerals. ... Read More


Fungus Battles Equine Internal Parasites 'the Natural Way'

July 11, 2010

A pile of horse dung is no longer just a pile of horse dung--it is now the stage for the fatal ambush of nematode (roundworm) larvae by a predatory fungus, worthy of screen time on the "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" nature show.... Read More


Deworming and Boarding

June 22, 2010

Q: In a boarding situation, does it make sense to test your horse's manure for worms or should they all be tested? A: If the horses at a boarding stable all share common pasture, your worm control program is only as good as the worst one there...... Read More


Deworming Your Horse: Take 2

June 02, 2010

... Read More


Boarding Barn Health

June 01, 2010

Moving your horse into a boarding barn is a lot like sending your child to school for the first time. Just as you would in choosing a school for your kids, you want to do your research, asking all pertinent questions.... Read More


Taming the Beast: A Review of Equine Neurologic Disease

June 01, 2010

To take the dizzy factor out of understanding neurologic disease in horses, I.G. Joe Mayhew, BVSc, FRCVS, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, ECVN, has dedicated much of his career to helping practitioners and owners understand equine neurology.... Read More


Tapeworm-Colic Link Discovered

May 22, 2010

Evidence supporting a link between the equine tapeworm Anoplocephala perfoliata and colic in hores. ... Read More


Twelve New Equine Fact Sheets Available From

May 12, 2010

This week has launched 12 free, handy Fact Sheets on topics of interest to hands-on horse owners. These are invaluable additions to the more than 30 widely acclaimed Fact Sheets that launched in 2009...... Read More


Parasite Basics and Deworming

May 05, 2010

How do you battle parasites in your horses despite increasing resistance to common deworming medications?... Read More

Deworming Fact Sheet Cover



May 01, 2010

A general guide to deworming your horse, including common parasites, dewormer options and proper scheduling.... Read More


Parasite Perspectives: Thinking Outside the Box

May 01, 2010

Some parasitologists are now approaching the subject of parasites from some interesting alternate angles. ... Read More


Horse Parasite Control Programs

May 01, 2010

Because of the potential for anthelmintic resistance, deworming decisions should be based on fecal egg counts.... Read More


Parasites: Roads to Resistance

May 01, 2010

Parasites follow Darwin's law: survival of the fittest. In fact, all biological organisms adapt. ... Read More


The Life and Times of Equine Parasites

April 30, 2010

Understanding the life cycles of common equine internal parasites can help you manage them correctly, leading to healthier horses and "cleaner" farms. Understanding the life cycles of common equine internal parasites can help you manage...... Read More


Fungus Might Help Control Strongyles Environmentally

April 27, 2010

Researchers trying to find alternatives to control strongyles, which are developing resistance to current dewormers, are looking at a fungus to control strongyles environmentally.

"Due to the emergence of anthelminthic resistanc... Read More


Ask the Vet Live FREE Q&A on Horse Parasite Basics/Deworming

April 26, 2010

Do you have questions about how best to deworm your horses? You're not the only one! Join us for the extended Ask the Vet LIVE Q&A chat event on Parasite Basics and Deworming Tuesday April 27, from 2-3 p.m. EST. ... Read More


Planning Out Deworming Practices

April 24, 2010

After a snowy winter, temperatures in Central Kentucky are seasonably warm once again. Grass is green, birds are singing, and equine parasites are stirring back to life. This is the time of year when horse owners and farm managers become aware ... Read More


Cetirizine Not Effective in Horses with Sweet Itch

April 20, 2010

The antihistamine cetirizine has no apparent benefit in treating insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH), reports a group of Swiss researchers led by Lena Olsén from the Division of Pathology, Pharmacology, and Toxicology at the Swedish Unive... Read More


Oklahoma Equine Dentist Bill Advances to Governor

April 13, 2010

A measure that allows individuals who are not licensed veterinarians to float horses' teeth if they meet state certification requirements took another step toward becoming law on April 8 when the Oklahoma House of Representatives approved ... Read More


Equine Pinworm Oxyuris equi Not Resistant to Pyrantel Pamoate or Ivermectin

April 11, 2010

Pyrantel pamoate and ivermectin paste formulations appear to be effective against the equine pinworm Oxyuris equi despite allegations that resistance was developing, reports Craig R. Reinemeyer, DVM, PhD, president of East Tennessee Clinical Research... Read More


Tips for Dealing with Dewormer Resistance

April 08, 2010

Because parasite resistance to dewormers is developing in the United States, owners and trainers should deworm less often and only use products they know are effective in their herd, suggested Craig R. Reinemeyer, DVM, PhD, president of

... Read More


Few Horse Owners Involve Vet in Parasite Control

April 05, 2010

Vaccination and deworming are an integral part of horse health care routines, according to respondents of a recent survey, but only a fraction of owners consult their veterinarians when it comes to parasite control.

The findings are ... Read More


Age a Predictor in Horse Ownership

April 02, 2010

A horse owner's age is a major predictor in how involved they will be in the horse industry, according to a new survey.

The findings are part of the American Horse Publications online nationwide survey, conducted from Oct. 15, 20... Read More


Allergy, Parasite Link Investigated

April 01, 2010

Horses with allergic diseases, like recurrent airway obstruction, might have fewer parasites.... Read More