UK Researchers and Students Present at AMCOP

The 66th Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitologists took place June 5-7 at UK’s Gluck Equine Research Center.

Photo: Jenny Evans

Several researchers and students from the University of Kentucky (UK) College of Agriculture, Food and Environment presented at the 66th Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitologists (AMCOP) June 5-7. UK’s Gluck Equine Research Center hosted the conference.

Daniel Howe, PhD, professor and molecular parasitologist at the Gluck Center, was the meeting's program officer. The conference topic was “Parasite adaptation and anthelmintic resistance.” Symposium keynote speakers included Craig Reinemeyer, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVM, president of East Tennessee Clinical Research, and Martin Nielsen, DVM, PhD, EVPC, Dipl. ACVM, assistant professor at the Gluck Center.

The conference featured oral and poster presentations, as well as a graduate student competition. Allison Young, an agriculture biotechnology major at UK and undergraduate student in Howe’s laboratory at the Gluck Center won the R.M. Cable Award for best presentation by an undergraduate student with her presentation titled, “Identification of surface antigens in the llama and alpaca parasite Sarcocystis aucheniae.”

The following is a recap of other abstract titles and corresponding UK presenters:

  • “Evaluation of growth rate responses to anthelmintic regimens in young Thoroughbreds,” Jennifer Bellaw, MS candidate in Nielsen’s laboratory
  • “Transabdominal ultrasonography for diagnosing and monitoring Parascaris spp. in foals,” Maci Stephens, undergraduate in Nielsen’s laboratory
  • “Evaluation of the systemic inflammatory response to anthelmintic treatment in ponies” and “Efficacy of injectable ivermectin on gastrointestinal helminthes in captive wild elk,” Alejandra Betancourt, MS, research analyst at the Gluck Center
  • “Characterization and localization of Sarcocystic neurona Rhoptry Protein Snrop9,” Maggie Schlich, undergraduate student in Howe’s laboratory
  • “Vaccine-induced responses in ponies—are they modulated by anthelmintic treatment?” Emily Rubinson, MS candidate in Nielsen’s laboratory
  • “Measurement of antibodies to Strongylus vulgaris in equine colic cases,” Holli Gravatte, research analyst at the Gluck Center

Jenny Evans, MFA, is the marketing and promotion specialist senior at the UK Gluck Equine Research Center.

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