Poll Recap: Horsey Holiday Gifts

Poll Recap: Horsey Holiday Gifts

Of the 463 voters, 35% (164) said their horses received treats as a holiday surprise this year.

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In last week’s poll, we asked our readers what kinds of gifts their horses were receiving this holiday season. Over 400 readers voted and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 463 voters, 183 (40%) said they gave their horses lots of love this year, while 164 readers (35%) said their horses received treats as a holiday surprise. Another 50 respondents (11%) indicated their horses received new tack, and 43 readers (9%) said their horses got new clothing, such as blankets or coolers. The remaining 23 respondents (5%) said their horses got some new stable supplies for Christmas.

Additionally, 62 readers left comments describing the gifts their horses would be received over the holiday season. Some of the highlights included:

Poll Results

  • “I had to replace his saddle and pad—his no longer fit him.”
  • “Apple peels after I baked pie for Christmas.”
  • “I make homemade treats for the horses in our barn, all natural of course.”
  • “A new blanket liner and a slow-feeder hay bag.”
  • “Frank got a nibble net and Poppy got easy boots and a natural horseman training set.”
  • “Every year, all of the horses at our boarding facility get candy canes, from Santa of course!”
  • “The saddle is for him, but for me, too!”
  • “She got fans in her trailer, has blankets, and was fitted for her saddle by Jochen Schleese himself.”
  • “Heated water buckets and treat bag.”
  • “(Mine has a) saddle coming in 2014.”
  • “Mostly my love, with a few carrots added!”
  • “Finally got stall mattresses, the horses are laying down much more!”
  • “They already have everything they need, so love and a few carrots make their day!”
  • “I'm building a new barn.”
  • “My horses get everything they need year round. Including love...and lots of treats!”
  • “All of the above!”
  • “Every day is Christmas for my mules. I should be so lucky!”
  • “Treats, new cinch, new bridle/bit, and brushes, plus shampoo for the summer and detangler.”
  • “The horses all got mane jewelry.”
  • “Plenty of treats and new clothing...spoiled horse!”
  • “Plenty of good food and care.”
  • “With the price of hay these days, my gift to my horses is to keep rolling the hay cart out!”
  • “All fruit and veggie treats...none of that processed rubbish! Oh and a can of Guinness.”
  • “A new breast collar and treats!”
  • “I try my hardest to make every day Christmas for my guy...but he gets a stocking with treats.”
  • “Plenty of treats and all my love.”
  • “Extra treats don't always agree with digestion. They get what is needed as needed. Loved 24/7”
  • “Each horse got a carrot at midnight 'bed checks,' and turn-outs all day today. (In Arizona, we have lovely weather!)”
  • “Horses do not know it's Christmas. Just give them good care all year round!”

This week, we want to know: Are you making any horse-related New Year's resolutions for 2014? Tell us abou them! Vote in the poll and share your comments now. 

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