Poll Recap: A Time of Thanks

Poll Recap: A Time of Thanks

While the majority of voters (28%) said they are thankful for their family members, many readers left comments indicating they're most thankful for their horses.

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Last week we asked our readers who they were most thankful for in their horse-life. More than 700 readers voted in our poll, and we’ve tallied the results

The majority of voters (28%) said they are thankful for family members, followed by 18% (125) who are thankful for friends. Readers are equally thankful for their veterinarians (15%) and trainers or mentors (15%). Another 99 voters (14%) are thankful for their farrier, while the remaining 72 respondents (10%) are thankful for other individuals in their horse-life.

Additionally, more than 200 users provided comments expressing their gratitude. 

Many readers shared thankful comments about their significant others:

  • “My husband, because he has to put up with it all. He listens, and waits.”
  • “My husband without whom I wouldn't have been able to handle the loss of my horses over the past year.”
  • “My husband, because he puts up with my horse addiction!”
  • “My husband, for supporting me through my efforts to raise horses.”
  • “My husband is right there to help no matter what.”
  • “My husband does a great deal for our horses.”
  • “My husband, who does not ride, shows love by cleaning stalls and building fences for my two horses.”
  • “My husband took on my love of horses and became a devoted rider and now caretaker of them.”
  • “My husband, who supports my horse habit even though it is expensive and time-consuming.”
  • “I am blessed to have a husband who is a wonderful horseman.”
  • “I'm thankful my husband understands my horse habit and helps support it.”
  • “My spouse because he picks up the slack on the farm which allows me to go do horse stuff!”
  • “My non-horsey husband for understanding my passion!”
  • “Husband is very supportive of anything I do with my mule!”
  • “My husband. He has worked beside me and totally supported me in all my horse endeavors.”
  • “If it weren't for my husband I wouldn't have my horse.”
  • “Without my husband's help (he's not into hoses though), owning horses would not be possible for me.”
  • “My husband, for supporting my addiction!”
  • “My husband! Even though he's not a horse person, he gives me and the horses help whenever we need it!”
  • “For my husband for his endless support and deep understanding of my passion!”
  • “Non-horse husband with allergies has taken of horses many times when I was injured or had surgery.”

Others shared why they're thankful for their families:

  • “I couldn't do it without financial and emotional support from my family. We work as a team!”
  • “My husband and son work very hard to help me with five horses and lessons.”
  • “My mom. She takes care of my two while I am at work.”
  • “My daughter. She worked hard to rescue the mare I now have.”
  • “Without family involved, having horses would have been impossible.”
  • “Without family I couldn't do horses, and they don't complain or deny me the joy of horses!”
  • “My parents for making my childhood dreams come true and buying me my first horse.”
  • “It is because of my father's and mother's hard work that I'm able to have a horse sanctuary today.”
  • “My family puts up with the enormous amount of time, energy, and money I put into my horse hobby.”
  • “My horses are a family event. From ages 3 to 14 my kids are my biggest helpers!”
  • “I learned a lot from my father who grew up with horses.”
  • “My great aunt. She has taught me almost everything I know about horses.”
  • “Family, for fostering a love for horses and responsibility for them, and spouse for continuing support.”
  • “My daughter got me back into the horse world after being gone for 40 years.”

Many readers explained that they're most thankful for their horses:

  • “My horses because they bring joy and happiness into my life everyday.”
  • “The horses because without them there would be no horse life!”
  • “The horse, of course.”
  • “My horse...may he rest in peace. What a wonderful friend of 22 years.”
  • “My horse keeps me balanced.”
  • “My current horse; he has been the best teacher and friend I have ever had the privilege to ride.”
  • “My horses because they are my closest family.”
  • “My horse, obviously.”
  • “My horse who has helped me to understand the only failure is not being who you are.”
  • “The horse that owns me. She is a great friend and she never lies to me.”
  • “My horse for giving me a lifetime of pleasure. He is my soul mate and I am thankful for him everyday.”
  • “My horse, actually. He's the best thing that ever happened to me!”
  • “The horse itself—best teachers bar none”
  • “My horses themselves for all the pleasure and companionship they have given me.”

Several shared why they're thankful for their friends in their horse-life:

  • “Over the last 55+ years I have had many horse friends, many who've turned out to be great mentors!”
  • “Professionals can come and go, but horsey friends are forever!”
  • “My friends who share my love of horses and concern for their welfare.”
  • “Friends provide support, help, advice, opinion, care, concern, and so much more.”
  • “Friends to ride with and get training advice from are invaluable.”
  • “Equine friends are special, supportive, giving, and fun. Not necessarily in that order.”

A few readers shared gratitude for their veterinarian and/or farrier:

  • “My vet goes above and beyond when my horses need help.”
  • “Without my vet, I'd have no horses.”
  • “My farrier keeps my Thoroughbred with poor feet comfortable and sound. So very thankful for his expert care!”
  • “(My farrier) helps my horses maintain healthy hooves at all times.”
  • “My farrier has been trimming and shoeing my horses for 30 years. Going to miss him when he retires!”
  • “I take really good care of my farrier and am thankful he is in my life.”
  • “I have several horses with lameness issues. My farrier and vet are invaluable to me!”

Finally, other shared general comments of thanks for the people in their horse-life:

  • “Without my vet, farrier, and trainer our horses would not be as healthy as they are.”
  • “Actually my physical health, without which I could to care for the animals in my care.”
  • “My job. It allows me to provide for a horse.”
  • “It takes a village to support our horses.”
  • “All contribute. Thankful for all of them.”
  • “My and my horse's team includes all of the above and is the best! I'm very blessed and thankful.”
  • “My husband, my vet, and my farrier. They all keep my horses health and happy!”
  • “Our horses are a family activity and we try to work together for the good of both horse and human.”
  • “My equine dentist and chiropractor.”
  • “Equine community authors.”

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