Poll Recap: Supplement Seal of Approval

Poll Recap: Supplement Seal of Approval

In last week's online poll, TheHorse.com asked if you look for the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal on the equine supplements you buy. Nearly 400 readers responded, and we've tallied the results

Of the 396 voters, 61 (15%) indicated they always look for the NASC seal and wouldn't purchase a supplement without it. Another 55 respondents (14%) said they look for the seal when it's available, while 47 voters (12%) said the NASC seal isn't a factor in their supplement purchases. Another 182 readers (46%) said they're not familiar with the seal or what it stands for, and 51 respondents (13%) said they do not purchase supplements for their horses. Additionally, 29 respondents shared comments about their thoughts on the NASC seal.

Readers who look for the seal when purchasing supplements for their horses said:

  • "I buy supplements for my 33-year-old gelding and like to know that I am getting what I am paying for."
  • "I don't currently use supplements, but I always look for the seal when I do."
  • "All else being equal, I would probably choose the product with the seal over one without."
  • "Without it I don't trust that the manufacturer is putting what they say they are in the supplement."
  • "I've always seen the emblem and thought it was a rating group, and recognized it as an important fact."

Others might consider it, but it doesn't drive their purchases:

  • "I'm not deterred from buying a product that doesn't have it, but it's nice to see."
  • "I always look for it, but some supplements I use don't have it."
  • "I prefer supplements with the seal, but don't totally rule out using one without it."
  • "NASC seal is good, yet effective supplements without are also worth using."

Some aren't familiar with the NASC's mission:

  • "Was not aware of NASC. Will check my current supplements."
  • "I am not familiar with NASC and what it means." 
  • "I didn't know anything about it."

And others simply don't have a need for supplements:

  • "None of my three horses (20-, 16-, and a 3-year old) need (supplements) yet."
  • "My horses are teenage pasture potatoes, just basic hay diet - no need to supplement at this time."

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