Poll Recap: Ravishing Rides

Poll Recap: Ravishing Rides

Of the 942 voters, 399 (42%) said the most beautiful place they've ridden is in the mountains.

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In last week's online poll, TheHorse.com asked about the most beautiful place you've ridden a horse. Nearly 950 readers responded and we've tallied the results.

Of the 942 voters, 399 (42%) said the most beautiful place they've ridden is in the mountains. Another 326 readers (35%) indicated the forest is the most alluring place they've seen from the back of a horse. Another 132 readers (14%) said they consider the beach the most gorgeous place they've ridden, while 54 respondents (6%) said the most beautiful place they've ridden is in the desert. Finally, 31 voters (3%) said the most striking place they've ridden is at an amazing competition facility.

Additionally, 152 readers shared comments about their most memorable horseback rides.

Some said exotic equine adventures topped their lists:

  • "In a river bed, through tunnels and tangles of bamboo and trees!"
  • "In India, on a Marwari horse, to a palm oasis with parrots."
  • "Cantering a Thoroughbred stallion bareback on the beach on Nevis Island."
  • "On the side of Haleakala Crater in Maui (and the ride into the crater was amazing, too)."
  • "Montego Bay, Jamaica, at the Half Moon Resort...swimming in the Caribbean on horseback!"
  • "An Arab stallion in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco."
  • "In Africa in Botswana's Okavango Delta."
  • "My beach rides on the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii are second to none."
  • "On a big Criollo horse through a remote lupine meadow in the Andes near Bariloche, Argentina.

Others said some European and Asian sites offer the most beautiful scenery for riding:

  • "I rode on the beach in Ireland a few years ago. It was amazing!"
  • "The highlands of Iceland. It was like riding through a fairy tale."
  • "In Greece on a racehorse."
  • "The Hague (in Holland) has it! Woods, beach, and dunes. Beautiful."
  • "The South Downs, Sussex, England. Up so high, with deer everywhere and endless trails."
  • "New Forest, Hampshire, England. I still dream about those rides."
  • "ln the Wadi Rum, in Jordan."

Some respondents said North America has the most beautiful riding spots:

  • "The gorgeous Pecos Wilderness of New Mexico, with its aspens, high meadows, icy streams, and lakes."
  • "We have some really beautiful trails on the bluffs overlooking the Columbia River at Wallula Gap."
  • "Took a trail ride at Biltmore Estates (N.C.). It was so beautiful!"
  • "At midnight, in Alaska. Unreal!"
  • "Foxhunting in Virginia at Hedge's Woods (on) a crisp Oct. morning. The trees were a canopy of gold."
  • "It was on the grasslands of Kansas/Nebraska."
  • "Rode along the Missouri River Valley outside Minneapolis. Beautiful!"
  • "Just outside of Lake Tahoe in the Sierras--like riding in a postcard!"
  • "Assateague Island National Seashore--beautiful!"
  • "In the forest during a snowfall in upstate N.Y. Most beautiful ride ever."
  • "So far the Rockies of Canada, but will be going to the beach soon."
  • "It wasn't a horse, it was a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!"
  • "Mountains in Sundance, Wyo. We could see Devil's Tower in the distance, it was awesome."
  • "In the rock formations of the eastern edge of the Shawnee Forest in So. Illinois."
  • "In Banff National Forrest in Canada. Awesome."

But some respondents said it doesn't matter where they ride as long as they're on horseback:

  • "All of the above. From a horse's back it's all beautiful."
  • "Should have a place for more than one answer. From the back of a horse all places are beautiful."
  • "When I am on my horse every place is beautiful!"
  • "Wherever I am on my horse is the most amazing and beautiful place there is."

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