Tips on Horse Management Following a Disaster

The Texas State Animal Resource Team (TXSART), a program of the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation that coordinates preparedness, response, and recovery efforts for animals affected by disasters in the state of Texas, has released some tips on managing animals following a disaster.

The group recommends that people remain calm and seek information by listening to the radio or television. They should follow the directions provided by local, state, and/or federal emergency personnel who are reacting and responding to the situation. This might include staying inside until advised that it is safe to go out.

Some of the issues that horse owners might deal with include scattered debris, encroaching flood waters, downed power lines, and other contaminants that might be present.

Further recommendations include:

"Keep your animals confined to a smaller, secure pasture for the first few days following the disaster as familiar scents and landmarks may be absent or altered. Check all shelter structures and fences for signs of damage and initiate repair. Do not turn animals loose into uninspected areas as they may turn up missing or become injured.

"As part of the recovery process, acclimate your animals back to their normal routines as soon as possible."

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