Massages for Senior Horses

Have you had massage, myofascial release, or any other type of body work performed on your older horse?


What is the Best Treatment for Horses with Scratches?

Dr. Bryant Craig offers help for horses with scratches, a serious and stubborn skin disease. (00:04:06)


Could EPM Change My Mare's Personality?

Dr. Bryant Craig answers a question about a mare who started spooking after an EPM diagnosis. (00:01:36)

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A Whole-Horse Approach to Managing Joint Disease

From hoof and veterinary care to nutrition, exercise, and acupuncture, find out how to keep your horse sound.

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Old Horses: Better With Age

Massages for Senior Horses

Dorado got a massage after doing the splits, but even healthy horses can benefit from body work. Has your senior horse had a massage?

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