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WEVA Holds Intermediate Meetings

So far this year WEVA has held meetings in Heilan and Beijing, China; Cluj-Napoca, Romania; and Moscow, Russia. Read More

Equine Epistaxis: What You Need to Know

Causes of epistaxis--bleeding from the nose--can range from mild to life-threatening conditions. Here's what to know. Read More

Flying Horses: What to Consider

Be mindful of the associated health risks and understand how to best manage your horse before and after air travel. Read More

Equine Pain Management: History and New Advances

For years veterinarians' options were limited, but new products are helping them control horses' pain better than ever. Read More

Protecting Wild Horses in Patagonia, Chile

Learn about the wild horses and how a nonprofit organization and a veterinary association are working to protect them. Read More

Questions to Ask Before Breeding With Frozen Semen

Frozen semen offers many advantages, but it is important to understand that not all frozen semen is the same. Read More

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome Consensus Statement

The statement summarizes the current knowledge about ulcers and is designed to provide guidelines for veterinarians. Read More

Social Communication and Equine Reproductive Success

Domestic horses' reproductive efficiency is often lower than that of feral horses. Does modern husbandry play a role? Read More

Equine Education on the Iberian Peninsula

Lecture topics included angular and flexural limb deformities, diagnosing and imaging hoof problems, and more. Read More

Equine Grass Sickness: What You Need to Know

This potentially deadly condition affects grazing horses. Learn about its clinical signs, treatments, and prognosis. Read More

Watch for Anhidrosis This Summer

Anhidrotic horses don't sweat well or at all, which can be dangerous in warm climates. Here's what to watch for. Read More

Caterpillars that Cause Abortion in Mares

Learn how researchers determined that hairy, bristly caterpillars can cause abortions and how to protect mares. Read More

Conditioning Bones for Wellness, Fracture Prevention

Bone is a vital tissue that's densely packed with specialized cells and supplied with a rich network of blood vessels. Read More

Studying Exercising Arrhythmias in Sport Horses

Researchers at the University of Bern are studying cardiac adaptations to training in eventing and endurance horses. Read More

Prepurchase Exams Can Reveal Cardiac Problems

Learn about the cardiac abnormality one veterinarian identified during a prepurchase exam and if it was a deal breaker. Read More

Equine Assisted Reproduction Techniques 101

Learn about the four most common assisted reproduction techniques used in today's equine breeding industry. Read More

Turkish Equine Veterinary Association Holds First Meeting

Delegates took part in hands-on workshops and listened to scientific lectures during the meeting. Read More

Second 'Vetcamp' Takes Place in Germany

Vetcamp is a conference for young vets designed to promote career growth for young professionals. Read More

A Nail in the Hoof: What Would You Do?

How would you react if your horse stepped on a nail? One practitioner outlines the steps you should take. Read More

WEVA Visits Thailand

WEVA members presented on equine abdominal surgery during the Veterinary Practitioners of Thailand meeting. Read More

EHV-4 Reported in Chile for First Time

Officials consider this very important due to the possible economic impact on the country's racing industry. Read More

Transporting Your Horse to a Warmer Climate

Here's what to to consider when moving horses to hot places, from new feed options to a risk of hyperthermia. Read More

Does My Horse Drink or Urinate Too Much?

The possibility that a horse is drinking and/or urinating excessively is a common concern among horse owners. Read More

Horse Health Concerns: Equine Rhinitis Virus and Coronavirus

Veterinarians and horse owners should remain vigilant for these two relatively new horse health challenges. Read More

Could Stress Cause Gastric Ulcers in Performance Horses?

Researchers are studying the ill-defined syndrome of "stress" and its potential role in ulcer development. Read More