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Horse Owners Need to Be Wary of Mud

Long-term exposure to soggy conditions can lead to cracking, chipping, or splitting of the hoof. Even more dangerous is the development of what's known as white line disease, according to Mark Russell, MS, PhD, instructor-equine, for the University o Read More en Español: Entrenamiento de Primavera

This is one of a series of articles translated as part of our partnership with A Caballo, an equine publication based in Mexico, and Jorge Murga, DVM. Keep an eye on for more Spanish-language resources coming soon. Read this article in E Read More

Poisonous Hemlock: A Growing Problem

The association of poison hemlock with the death of Socrates in ancient Greece in 399 B.C. provides a glimpse of the toxic history of this plant. Two decades ago an aggressive search was required before a specimen could be found in Arkansas, but no Read More

Patience and Long, Slow Distance Important for Conditioning Competition Horses

Horses on vacation since October or November, when the owner stopped riding, can't be expected to perform the way they did in the fall. It's important to get their cardiovascular systems as well as their bones, muscles and tendons back in shape Read More

Transition Horses to Spring Pasture Gradually

When grasses start greening up in the spring, you might be tempted to turn your horse loose in the pasture to chow down on the new grass.

But be aware that any sudden change in your horse's diet could cause health problems, said Steve Jones Read More

Spring Training: Getting Your Horse Ready to Ride

To prepare for warmer weather, you should start getting your horse ready by checking his feet. Read More