Genie Stewart-Spears

Genie Stewart-Spears resides with her husband on Runamuck Ranch in southern Illinois, in the Shawnee National Forest. Now a pleasure rider, she competed in endurance for 10 years and has served as the Media Chairperson for the American Endurance Ride Conference. Her photography and articles appear in several equine magazines and many books, brochures, and advertisements.

Articles by Genie Stewart-Spears

Florida Mobile Diagnostic Unit

The University of Florida (UF) College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville is on the cutting edge with its first-of-a-kind Mobile Equine Diagnostic Science rig, which is referred to as the MEDS unit. The $450,000 custom-made truck takes modern Read More

Champion Endurance Horse Successfully Cloned

As was reported earlier today, Pieraz, the two-time World Champion endurance gelding owned by Valerie Kanavy of Virginia, was successfully cloned in Italy by Eric Palmer,DVM of the Italian laboratory LTR-CIZ, in collaboration with Cryozootech. Read More

Locking Down Your Feeds

Grain and hay storage isn't a complicated process, but it is an integral part of horse management. Read More

Foot Care for Foals

A foal's future performance in competition, or as a pleasure riding companion, depends in large part on how his feet are cared for in the first six months of his life. Read More

Diet: When Horses Need Less Carbs

Research suggests some horses (growing foals, laminitic horses, etc.) could do well on low-glycemic diets. Read More

Managing Thin, Shelly Feet

Poor genetics, environment, nutrition, and foot care are the main causes of thin, shelly feet according to Ken Marcella, DVM, and farrier Jaye Perry. Marcella co-owns Chattahoochee Equine in Canton, Ga., and Perry, a farrier based in Cumming, Read More

Adding Trailer Bells and Whistles

With so many horse owners hauling their horses all over the country to equestrian sporting events and to fabulous places to trail ride, horse trailers have taken on a new purpose. Rather than just a box to transport horses, horse owners now look Read More

Camping With Your Horse

Whether it is the increased stress of daily life or the baby-boomer generation wanting to experience the roots of their pioneer forefathers, more and more people are setting out to see the country from horseback. As a result, equestrian Read More