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How Buck Brannaman Keeps his Horses Healthy on the Road

Clinician Buck Brannaman and his horses travel 40-plus weeks of the year. Find out how he keeps them healthy.


Take Great Pictures of Your Horse

Professional equine photographer Jessica Robinson shows how to capture your horse's image in the best way.


Practical Ways to Help Working Equids

Dr. Bob Mealey of Washington State University describes how you can help working donkeys and horses.


Challenges to Adopting Equids from Developing Countries

Dr. Bob Mealey describes the roadblocks to adopting working equids from developing countries.


Why Are Industry Surveys Important for Horse Owners?

Dr. Jill Stowe explains why industry studies, like the 2012 Kentucky Equine Survey, are important.


Dr. Temple Grandin on Fear in Horses

Dr. Temple Grandin, a professor of animal science at Colorado State University, talks about fear in horses.


FDA Approval Significance

Dr. Megan Green, Merial field veterinarian, describes how horse owners can determine if a drug is approved.


Veterinarian Presence at Road to the Horse

Dr. Glenn Blodgett describes how many vets are at the 2013 Road to the Horse training competition.


Vet Reflects on Road to the Horse Herd

Dr. Glenn Blodgett of 6666 Ranch talks about watching his horses in the 2013 Road to the Horse.


Vet Check Frequency for Hallmark Horse Races

Dr. William Farmer describes the frequency of Derby horse vet checks, along with safeguards.


Regulatory Vet Checks at the Kentucky Derby

Dr. William Farmer describes regulatory checks designed to ensure a horse is fit to race in the Derby or Oaks.


Thoroughbred Race-Day Health Checks

Dr. William Farmer, Racing Vet for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, on location at Churchill Downs.


Being a Racetrack Veterinarian on Kentucky Derby Day

Dr. Foster Northrop, racetrack practitioner, describes Derby and Oaks horse care on location at Churchill Down


How to Help a Neglected Horse

How to spot a neglected horse and what you can do to help.

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