The 2012 International Hoof Care Summit (IHCS) theme, "Zeroing In On Soundness," reflects the needs of hoof care professionals eager to learn the latest cutting-edge ideas to boost their profitability, efficiency, and foot care skills. The 9th annual summit will offer foot care education through eight general sessions, 12 hoof care classrooms, 24 hoof care roundtables, 18 how-to clinics, and three trade show sessions.

The 2012 IHCS offers 68 hours of in-depth foot care education from 40 of the top farriers, equine veterinarians, and hoof researchers from around the world.

Some speakers and topics include:

  • Mitch Taylor, CJF, owner and operator of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School in Richmond, will perform an on-stage leg dissection to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of upper hind limb anatomy that will help in developing more effective trimming and shoeing strategies;
  • Hans Castelijns, DVM, an equine veterinarian from Cortona, Italy, will reveal new techniques in correcting conformational defects, provide practical ways to fix hoof capsule deformities; and show how to evaluate hoof shape for both limb and load; and
  • Stephen O'Grady, BVSc, MRCVS, a Marshall, Va. equine veterinarian, says laminitis has unfortunately been classified as the most debilitating equine disease. He will provide attendees with new laminitis treatments based on expectations that are realistic, humane, and consider the cause of the disease. Farriers will learn to evaluate lamellar damage, pain, duration, and financial constraints that must always be involved in prolonged treatment programs.

"Hoof Care Classroom" topics will include:

  • "There's Plenty in a Farrier's Arsenal When it Comes to Building Shoes For Injured Horses" with Chris Gregory: Develop an understanding of what's involved in shoeing lame horses in a clinic situation, and decide if this area of foot care specialization is really the one for you.
  • "Shoeing For Specific Needs -- Dressage -- Working With A Discipline That Crosses All Boundaries" with Pat Burton: Learn the basic movements required of horse and rider for trimming and shoeing, as well as why it's vital to watch horse and rider in practice and competition. Gain tips for moving from beginning level dressage to the higher levels where the rewards and demand are much higher. Understand the importance of equine biomechanics with dressage horses.
  • "Tackling Injury-Specific Shoeing Needs" with Roland Thaler: Know why best results are obtained with accurate and specific injury diagnosis. Learn how trimming the hoof capsule, application of specific appliances, or modifying soft surface hoof penetration can alter limb structure loading forces.
  • "Enhancing Soundness and Performance by Manipulating Ground Reaction Force" with Mark Aikens: Improve understanding of equine dynamics and discover how relying on different shoeing techniques can increase ergonomics and prolong soundness. Gain insight into how to choose the right shoeing protocol for any ground surface and increase revenue, as well as professionalism, by utilizing emerging new technologies.
  • "Perfecting the Art of Work Vs. Life Balance" with Matt and Jamie Cooper: Understand why personal needs, professional boundaries, and learning to say "no" are critical. Develop an effective balance in life personally, with a spouse, children, and clients.

Hoof Care Round Table discussions will include:

  • When It's Too Late For Prevention: Dealing With Heels That Have Already Collapsed;
  • Shoeing For Dressage At All Levels;
  • What's New With Insulin-Resistant And Cushing's Horses; and
  • Dealing with Hoof-Care Myths -- Fact Vs. Fantasy.

How-To Clinics will include:

  • Using Grinding Equipment to Enhance Your Shoeing Skills with Doug Workman;
  • Solar Support Of The Equine Digit: Could Firmer Be Better? with Tab Pigg;
  • Communicating Effectively With Your Clients through Social Media with Lisa Kemp; and
  • Taking Care Of Your Body: Fitness, Stretching, And Mobility with Steve Stanley.

Every paid attendee will receive a DVD on the Functional Anatomy Of The Distal Limb by Mitch Taylor, a 1-year subscription to the American Farriers Journal, and the 2012 International Hoof-Care Summit Official Program. In addition to the substantial opportunities to learn at the summit, attendees will have the chance to win educational prizes:

  • A hands-on day with a top-notch veteran farrier;
  • A 32 GB iPod Touch, preloaded with the audio lectures from the 2011 IHCS;
  • The opportunity to discuss specific legal and business concerns during a one-on-one session with full-time lawyer and farrier spouse, Jamie Cooper;
  • Anatomy educational items from Varcoe Equine Services; and
  • A copy of the 3,450-page American Farriers Journal "Kitchen Sink" package.

There are 4 ways to register:

  • Phone--866/839-8455 (United States and Canada only) or 262/432-0388 (have your credit card handy);
  • Postal Mail--Download the registration form from and mail to International Hoof Care Summit, P.O. Box 624, Brookfield, WI, 53008-0624;
  •; or
  • Fax--Print off the registration form from and fax to 262/782-1252.

If you register before January 4, you will save $54 off the registration fee. The 9th Annual International Hoof-Care Summit is brought to you by the American Farriers Journal, Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center, Farrier Product Distribution, Vettec, GE Forge & Tool, and

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